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Of course, the usual way this would go is that ‘Venom 2’ will now cost twice as much as ‘Venom’.


I’m eager to see how spectacularly Sony manages to screw this success up.


Pfft, let’s go further. No movie is “good.” :slight_smile:


Just Venom.


I’m expecting it to go the way of Superman 3-4.


A kid’s cartoon in which Venom solves mysteries with the assistance of a talking dog and a child?


Well, there is probably going to be at least two undercooked villains in the next one…maybe three, because three is better than two, because math. There will likely be an ill advised dance number. The FX will be mediocre, because Sony FX are pretty shitty. The marketing will make no sense, and then will probably abruptly change directions two weeks before the movie comes out. There will be at least a dozen “small clips” of the movie released before the movie comes out, which, when watched together, will add up to be about one third of the movie’s total run time. Tom Hardy will go a press tour where he publicly bashes his own movie, then walks in back a week later. There will, of course, be a soundtrack song called “Venom Two” released in advance of the film, performed by, I dunno, Iggy Azeala or some other washed up non-talent hack. Woody Harrelson will give the worst performance of his career.


Box Office: 880 Millions


Honestly, Venom has been one of the biggest superhero surprises ever. A few of us saw it coming with Deadpool, but I don’t know anyone - even the biggest Venom fans - who expected this.


Oh I think this is the one time NO ONE at all expected this… Like, even with a better movie than what we got, it’s hard to think of a solo Venom movie doing this much…


Venom absolutely slayed a Star Wars movie this year. I’m not going to bother to look back at the old box office prediction threads as I know nobody had that on on the cards. :smile:


Two really weird situations… it’s hard to say which was more surprising, that a Star Wars (and Han Solo no less!!!) movie did so little or that a Venom movie did as much… But then again, 2018’s just been weird… =P


For me the Solo bomb wasn’t a surprise. I said last year around this time that I kind of expected it to be the first real bomb for Star Wars.

Venom, however, I also thought would bomb. Largely because it’s Sony and didn’t have anything to do with Spider-Man, but boy was I wrong on that front.


I think it shows that the internet knows nothing, and it’s only a very small section of the fandom base. Beyond that I don’t think the people who went to this movie knew much about Venom, this movie is successful because ordinary people like what they see. We saw this with Suicide Squad too. And Guardians. And Black Panther.

The big lesson is that the comics history of the character doesn’t matter. And that fans can’t be sure what will work and what won’t.


No, it never has. There’s a small handful that have instant character recognition that will drive some automatic interest, even Superman Returns did okay for bums on seats in the context of Box Office at the time, it just cost silly money to make, but the biggest box hits of all time were mainly new ideas nobody was familiar with first. Avatar, ET, Star Wars etc


Venom is an incredibly popular character in the comics. He just seems ridiculous and bad to us olds.


Oh, I’m a fan of Venom in the comics, it’s right in my era of Spider-Man. I just think that all the negative buzz and poor early footage set everyone up to expect a flop.

But like Jim says, the internet narrative is actually fairly limited - if audiences enjoy a movie, or even just like the look of it, they’ll go and see it regardless.


Snakes on a Plane!


I’m not sure if you’re arguing against the point or agreeing with it. :slight_smile:


Robert is just exposing how ancient he is that he considers a character that debuted 30 years and 9 months ago ‘one for the kids’. :smile: