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Very interesting. I do wonder what metrics the tech side looks at. One of my issues with Netflix is that I can’t keep up with their content. They release so much that by the time I get around to some shows I’m interested in, they’ve already been cancelled even though they were only release a couple months prior. I don’t generally binge watch either. At least not in the sense of watching a whole series in a day or two. It’ll take me two or three weeks to work through a season. There are definitely shows I had an interest in, but then didn’t bother with because they got cancelled before I had time to check them out.

It’s also gross to be that they’re out there renewing objectively awful shows like Insatiable and 13 Reasons Why, yet something like GLOW is on the bubble. But that’s a different conversation altogether.


That still seems like an improvement over the network model of canceling a show midseason and never making the additional episodes available.


Venom debuted in China with $111 million, bringing its global total to $673 million. Next week it should pass Deadpool 2 to be the #6 movie of the year globally (to date), with only Thanos, Panther, Jurassic World, Incredibles, and Mission Impossible ahead of it.

Just like we all predicted.


Fast forward two years… “who could have seen Jared Leto’s weird vampire movie losing so much money?”


I still think Venom’s success puts a lot more pressure on Aquaman. WB needs at least that or Shazam to hit, if not both. The Marvel brand, meanwhile, seems bomb proof.


Honestly unless you truly fuck up it seems superheroes are bomb proof. Their hit rate is incredible. And shows no signs of slowing. I’d be all in on every superhero movie for at least the next half decade.


Yeah the SH genre overall has an incredible track record, even when factoring in the obvious bombs like Fantfourstic.

That said, WB/DC has a pretty bad reputation right now, as opposed to Marvel, so I’m guessing Aquaman & Shazam will do respectable numbers, but they might not do particularly well either… but who knows, both look like a fun time, which seems to be what people are primarly looking for in these movies.


Yeah and the Warners issue is really overconfidence, people have gone and seen the films to the tune of $600-800m. It’s just on a couple of the biggest ones they’ve budgeted to make a billion and fallen short.

Some more prudent and realistic management, a bit like Fox have, and they can do fine as well.


I’m not certain ill will toward the Snyder/Cavill/Affleck films will carry over to Aquaman, which looks a lot different from them. It didn’t hurt Wonder Woman.

What will matter is if the film is good or not.


That might not even matter.

SS did well and it was a terrible movie and the best that I can say about Wonder Woman is that it was competent, and it also did very well.


That’s why I said superhero movies are bomb proof. The quality of the movie doesn’t matter. Audiences are clearly quite forgiving when it comes to these movies. In fact it’s kinda amazing that some movies actually managed to flop. Any old thing seems to be able to get $500 mil + pretty easily.


I’d add Black Panther into the same “yeah, sure, okay” category as Wonder Woman as well.


Well if we’re going to break it down like that virtually none of these movies are “good”. It just needs to not be something so bad that everyone tells their friends how much it sucks.

But usually with those movies you know it by now. Fantastic Four and Justice League both had a stink around them that was apparent months in advance.


Well the only trend I’ve been able to discern is literally the “fun factor”… Even though I love them both, I’ll readily admit that MoS and BvS are just not “fun”, Justice League isn’t particularly fun either… sure they added some “jokes” and whatnot, but it’s not a “fun ride at the movies”… Aaand Fantfourstick was anything but fun… Those are the ones that’ve done the poorest wether in terms of BO or fan reception (you could add Age of Ultron in there).

Now, sure, the Nolan bat-trilogy wasn’t fun either, but that kinda came out a while ago, and preceded the massive trend that Disney established later on.

So yeah, I’d say a CB movie can tank IF it doesn’t elicit a sense of “fun” from the audience (which Venom did in spades, hence the surprising big BO).



For entertainment action movies? Yes they are, a lot of them.

They are not great movies, but that’s not their job, either.


It may have come across poorly but I was basically responding to Saga by suggesting that if Black Panther isn’t good then almost none of them are.


If only we could spread this message to those still adamant that BP deserves a Best Picture nod.


Venom is heading towards an US$800mn total, looking at around US$250-300mn from China alone.

That article says it may end up being the most profitable large-scale superhero movie since 2000.


I love an underdog story