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Yeah that list is very poor. It doesn’t include any for Malaysia even though there are 5. The IMAX website lists there are 5 in Scotland and Wales before you look at England.


I don’t know. It seems to be a list of the proper IMAX theatres rather than the retrofitted “lieMAX” ones.

My problem with IMAX making deals with studios is that they end up hurting the films that have scenes shot on native IMAX cameras, when they get pushed out of the screens by the next superhero movie or whatever. First Man has a really clever use of its 70mm footage, but it’s already been chucked off of the screens to showcase Bohemian Rhapsody. Fair point for you to say that First Man isn’t making enough money to justify taking up the larger screens but it’s part of the experience that can’t be simulated on blu-ray at home. Mission Impossible: Fallout got mostly pushed by Ant-Man and the Wasp less than two weeks after its release in the UK, which is a real shame. I’m sure that I could look back and find plenty of other examples but showing more movies on the true IMAX screens that don’t even shoot with the native cameras seems like when 3D devalued itself with a million crappy post-converted films.


Partly maybe but there are specific IMAX halls built recently for that purpose I know aren’t listed there (and they do appear on Imax’s official website).


Wiki is great, but it requires motivated people to update the various entries and then check them.

If the IMAX page is out of date it’s because no-one has got around to putting new information in.


People love Venom. People also love things like Carling lager and skinny jeans, so there’s no accounting for taste. Still, nobody loves Sandman, so can we all agree now that Sony was right and Sam Raimi was wrong in regards to Spider-Man 3?




He doesn’t look thrilled about it.



“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.”


Ed Catmull. CG pioneer and one of the top men at Pixar throughout it’s history, is retiring.

He’s a legendary figure, but he was one of the main people who conspired to supress wages in the industry, a case that was finally settled recently with a payout for the people affected;

So on the plus side;

To give the most basic sense of Catmull’s role in the development of computer graphics, he and his technical partner Fred Parke produced one of the first-ever pieces of cgi-rendered imagery while they were graduate students in 1972.

Since the 1970s, Catmull founded three centers for computer graphics research – the Computer Graphics Lab at the New York Institute of Technology, the Graphics Group in the Computer Division of Lucasfilm, and Pixar Animation Studios, the latter studio which he co-founded with Steve Jobs and Alvy Ray Smith.

Many of the fundamental technologies that allow artists and technologists to produce computer animated films were pioneered under Catmull’s purview at one of these centers.

And on the minus;

The factor that complicates — and in the eyes of an increasing number, tarnishes — Catmull’s brilliant legacy as a computer scientist is his role as a businessman in animation. Dating back to his earliest days at Pixar, Catmull schemed with competing companies to artificially suppress advancement opportunities and wages for animation and tech workers, preventing them the freedom to seek higher salaries by moving to other studios.


A class-action lawsuit launched by animation workers in 2015 alleged violations of federal antitrust laws and eventually led all of the studios named in the lawsuit, including Disney, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, to offer settlement deals. The Walt Disney Company’s portion of the settelement to plaintiffs totaled $100 million.


Let’s just out some salaries, mmm-kay?


That’s pretty good, especially for a movie that looked like being such a flop.


Well the best part is that a sequel is basically guaranteed at this point… let’s hope they deliver with it…

I’m a bit worried about Sony starting to greenlight any movie after this tho… Morbius is probably gonna get a greenlight for sure, but the rest of what they had planned didn’t sound too great (I still think Morbius COULD be interesting, depending on what they do with, of course) =/


Yup, it’s pretty crazy.


I suspect the biggest impact of Venom’s success will be that Sony will see no reason to play nice with Marvel and take Spidey back after Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Though it also makes me wonder if they could work out some kind of deal where Spider-Man stays in the MCU, but Sony would also get to use MCU characters/actors in their movies. Wolverine or Punisher cameo in the Kraven movie. Dr. Strange cameo in Morbius, that sort of thing.

Or, if Sony is focusing on villains (Kraven, Morbius, Sinister Six), then they could make extensive use of the masked Spider-Man (who is a CGI character) while the “Peter Parker” films stay with Marvel. Which would also mean that a CGI Himan Torch could also appear with a CGI Spidey in Sinister Six.

This would effectively increase the number of Spider-Man films in the MCU as well. Though if they would integrate the Sonyverse with the MCU, Marvel would probably want a lot of input and approval on Sony’s Spiderverse features, which Sony might not want even though such a relationship could be beneficial to both studios.


I imagine their current deal takes account of all these different scenarios.

I can’t imagine the MCU management signing up to a deal where they get Spidey back only to lose him to Sony again a few films later - it feels like the deal is longer-term than that - but I guess it’s possible.


Holland is signed to a six picture deal with Marvel. They’re guarantee him for another two movies.


Pretty sure Sony made a ton of money from Homecoming. They also, I believe, made money from Civil War and Infinity War really without having to lift a finger. This is a great deal for them.


I just want them to go back, bring back Andrew Garfield and have him fight Tom Hardy’s Venom. It would be the greatest punk’d moment in superhero cinema. Then Drew Goddard can come back and do the Sinister Six like these past four years never happened.


Everything possible with all these clones lying about.