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I thought the commercials looked good, and the reviews were all good/great/5 Star.
I want to see this.

But it’s not something I’m compelled to see in the theatre. Perfectly fine to see it on my own couch.
I guess a lot of people thought the same way.


So is Venom officially a hit?


Box Office Mojo says budget at $100m, worldwide take $378m. So yes it is a hit. Nearly 4 times the budget on a second weekend so more to come.


I have no interest in seeing it in the cinema but good for them. Somewhere at this very moment a bunch of lawyers are trying to figure out how to do a crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.


It also got a release for China, so it should do a nice extra chunk there… So yeah, Sony are probably pleased… particularly because of that really bad couple of days before release :smile:


Yeah, I think First Man has more of a problem with the subject matter, really. I mean, yeah, it was an incredible feat and all that, but maybe one that’s a better fit for documentaries? It’s such a well-known story, and one that we all know the ending of… for me personally at least, I just don’t have much of an interest in seeing this. In spite of liking Whiplash and La La Land (and Gosling).


But it only had one song.


Venom managed it without any songs!


Agreed, Dave.



Unless Venom sings it in the movie himself, I don’t think it’s quite the same.


There’s always the sequel


Venom 2: The Secret Of The Ooze.


Wait, there’s no songs in Venom?

Well, shit, I’m not watching that crap now.



Marvel should cancel Far From Home asap, and let Sony do this.


I just think you have a vested interest in movie stars called Tom.


That’s why they cast Tom Hanks as Carnage.


And Tom Hollander as Toxin.


That’s actually not bad.