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I do wonder about unrealistic expectations going forward. Venom has a level of fans that Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Morbius don’t.


A very strong open for Venom. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds next week.


$80M for Venom, $41.5M for A Star is Born.

It’ll be interesting to see how Venom holds up in the next few weeks. It has a B+ Cinemascore, which isn’t great for a superhero movie.


Based purely on the reaction here, which is that it’s fun (no more, no less) I think it’ll drop the traditional 50% to 60%, the audience is clearly there for it, Sony should be very pleased.

It wont be a billion dollar hit, but it’s still a hit and that’s what Sony needed.


And here’s the proof in the pudding


Jeebuz has South Korea got some beef with DC that I don’t know about?



Good for Venom. The movie has been savaged by critics and online for months. By all measures it looks terrible, but this is a huge success.

At this point I think it must take real effort to screw up a superhero movie.


And that real effort will get you a real big salary at Warners…


You mean like Justice League? :wink:


You can’t screw up a superhero movie alone.


I do think that Venom did a good job of presenting the lone protagonist against overwhelming opposition internal and external. With a few notable exceptions - like Avengers and Wonder Woman - movies and particularly superheroes seem like they work better when it is a single relatively normal if put-upon everyman who is mostly involuntarily thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

In this regard, I think SHAZAM! seems best set-up to capture a wide audience than CAPTAIN MARVEL (ironically) or AQUAMAN. Honestly, the trailer of CAPTAIN MARVEL just seems like it has way too much thrown into a first movie, but they might be banking on everyone being familiar with all the other films.


Honestly Shazam strikes me as most similar to Ant Man. I’d expect it to do about the same as it.




That’s a great 2 minute skit dragged out for 5 minutes.

Poor Moviepass. Can you imagine having to work there?


I was considering the poor schlemiel who has to answer the phone.


BECTU is the union that represents a lot of UK people who working in film and TV.

BECTU also thinks that Brexit, by restricting the movement of EU workers, including non-UK workers to the UK, could seriously impact production in the UK and hurt their members;


BECTU warns of Brexit impact

Responding to the report head of BECTU Gerry Morrissey said:

“Today’s report shows what we already know, that the UK production is growing which is positive for the industry and the workforce. However, beneath these statistics is another story of the international nature of the productions that are accessing the tax relief being granted. Many of the productions are being driven by US producers rather than local UK producers.

“The increase in high end productions being made in the UK has resulted in a shortage of highly-skilled crew meaning that the industry is reliant on EU workers being able to come to the country to work on these programmes with little or no restriction.

“These statistics underline the importance of continued US production in the UK industry post-Brexit, in spite of the likely impediments like difficulty moving crew and equipment around the EU.

“That is why BECTU is campaigning for continued reciprocal free movement for EU 27 and UK nationals and a future immigration system that works for members, their families and their industries.”



I’m actually shocked that it’s done so poorly this weekend.

Theories abound as to the reasons that Damien Chazelle’s First Man disappointed at the box office this past weekend, totaling a way-below-expectations $16.5 million and barely holding off the latest offering in the Goosebumps franchise for third place.


I’m not, especially after LaLaLand.


La La Land made over 400 million worldwide though.


I’ve a lot of docs and quite a bit about the early days of the US space Program. Armstrong was a very interesting man but not really a compelling one. It doesn’t surprise me the movie has done poorly.