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Good old BBFC and their transparency on ratings.

There is frequent use of strong language (‘f**k’); milder terms include ‘bitch’, ‘tits’, ‘asshole’, ‘ass’, ‘shit’, ‘pissing’ and ‘bullshit’.

There is occasional sight of a man swallowing unidentified pills and at one point crushing and snorting them. There is also brief marijuana misuse. The work as a whole does not condone drug misuse.

Infrequent moderate violence includes a sequence in which one man punches another’s face, knocking him down. There are infrequent moderate sex scenes, without visible nudity, as well as fleeting sight of breast nudity in a scene in which a man and a woman share a bath. There is also a brief glimpse of full frontal female nudity in a non-sexual context.

I’m now going for that ‘brief glimpse’. :wink:


Wow, clearly the new Mary Poppins movie takes no prisoners!


Is that the Hillary Clinton biopic?




Just catching up…

The Predator was excellent, there’s a bunch of disappointed people who should have just bought the DVD of the original and watched it again, because that’s clearly what they were looking for.
It’s a travesty this film didn’t make more money.
It perfectly captured the balls out era the original was made in, it didn’t feel neutered for a start.
If this came out in the 80s it would be one of the biggest successes of the year.

And both Apple and Disney can eat a fucking dick.


A lot of fine quotes for the DVD box there.


The Predator was a silly, pointless mess. While it had a few good Shane Black moments and some good violence, it was for the most part very stupid. The Predator dogs were dumb, and the over-reliance on CGI reminded me of movies circa 2003. It started off really solidly, but by about a third of the way through I kinda realized it was a clusterfuck. Black took a big leap backwards with this one. I’m kinda glad the BO was bad, so that the obvious sequels they were trying to set up never get made. I did like Boyd Holbrook and Sterling Brown, though.


I too thought Predator was a mess but I wish they could make the sequels.


Picture from the story:

So which is Lady Gaga and which is Venom again?


Wait what? Sony/Tencent? Is that same chinese Tencent company that does videogames? :thinking:


Very mean, Todd.

I’m glad that her film is doing so well.


I hope at some point Sony realize that the only Spider-Man Without Spider-Man movie worth a damn would be getting JK Simmons back for the long overdue film J Jonah Jameson Shouts At You.


My wife saw A Star is Born last night. She’s a huge Gaga fan but thought the movie was just okay.


Wasn’t that Whiplash?



I kinda hope Venom is huge like Suicide Squad was just to fuck the critics and comic snobs.


Venom’s only tracking at half of what Suicide Squad opened to.


It’s probably too low-key for that. Venom feels more like a horror comedy movie than a big action movie, really. But it’d be cool if it made big business as such.


Good weekend for a couple of films aiming at completely different audience expectations.

I’ll see Venom tomorrow, so I don’t know how it plays, but I wonder with its apparent success as well asthe buzz generated by the Hellboy trailer if this will get other “horror hero” projects in motion like the long delayed The Crow remake and things like Swamp Thing and JL Dark.

Also, I just have a feeling that the 90’s Image era is on the verge of finding its way to film. MacFarlane’s SPAWN movie seems like a certainty so would a new Witchblade or an original The Darkness adaptation generate a lot more interest (either film or television).


Venom had a better opening weekend than Ant Man and the Wasp, and almost as good as Solo, against better competition. Sony must be over the moon about those results.