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Vaughn announced a Kingsman show earlier this year, but it doesn’t sound like a priority.



Disney own Kingsman? How did that happen?

Edit: ok never mind, just seen this

It could easily be a series. It’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. just as much (or more) as it’s James Bond.


Considering the second movie wasn’t so good and still held its ground in terms of box office there’s clearly an appetite for the Kingsman property. With the idea that there could be Kingsman groups all over the world it’s a fun take on the spy idea that people would lap up, right as James Bond continues to stumble.


With the box office between the two films being almost identical, I think they can probably judge exactly how much appetite there if for the Kingsman property.


The idea is still fried gold, Eggsy is like the UK’s Dominic Toretto.

Hear me out! :astonished:

A kid from Eastenders crosses over into James Bond world?

He’s a smart, loyal, hard working, brave and working class guy who’s ended up in these crazy spy adventures with all the toys and access to all the perks BUT, at least in the first one, he still cares about family. He doesn’t abandon people.

Even in the bespoke suit he should always remain true to his working class, salt of the earth nature.

But (and I say this as someone who thinks Vaughn is one of the smartest and most clear eyed producers out there, mostly) it was badly handled by someone who doesn’t get why it’s fried gold

The second was a bit too stock sequel (get rid of everything!) before it jumped the shark with beauty bots and the hamburger machine, even before Elton John turned up (at least he got the joke and ran with it!).

I think there’s a third movie that could be made if Vaughn finds a filmmaker who isn’t a lary public schoolboy like himself, and lets them and Jane Goldman make something fun, but true to the hero’s character.

And keep Colin Firth, he’s worth whatever they’re paying him.


I think the second one was primed to blow up if the movie was good, but it wasn’t.


Who owns Robocop? That could be a good TV show… I mean… cop drama, that’s like the easiest most common kind of show, no? :smile:


They’re doing another remake currently.


You mean like this:


No he means like this:


I expect that to be in theaters about as quickly as the CROW remake.


Or like this:



I’m still waiting on his pro wrestling comeback…


Are they? Huh. Well, I hope they don’t bugger it up like they did the movie.

It’s potentially a good time for Robocop’s corporate dystopia; I’d certainly be game for a good TV show. But considering how there hasn’t been one good Robocop thing ever that wasn’t made by Paul Verhoeven, I have my doubts.


As long as he doesn’t write it…


Ah, right, now I remember that Blomkamp was supposed to make it. Yeah, he does seem like the perfect fit, provided he’s working from a solid script. Of course, that’s a very big if right there, knowing Blomkamp.

Hm. Seems like the writer that imdb is giving for this has a lot of big movies in production right now (Masters of the Universe, Green Lantern Corps, a Terminator reboot (?!), the Robocop thing), but all of this without having previously written anything particularly good.


Well with writers, there’s very rarely one of them on a film. They get re-written all the time. It’s hard to know what good, or bad, parts of film originated from which person?

He may be terrible, he may be a genius, he’s probably just fine, but even if he writes the ‘Citizen Kane’ of ‘Robocop’ scripts, it’s still up the everyone else to not mess it up.


Yeah, I know. It’d still be nice if the first of the names attached to the script had something to show. It’s easy to mess up a good script, but it’s very hard to make a good movie from a bad one.

(On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like the writers on the original Robocop movie ever wrote anything particularly good again, apart from one of them being involved with the original Starship Troopers.)