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The Predator needs a kick ass make-up/suit and gore, and we’ve got shows with state of the art prosthetics, like ‘The Walking Dead’.

It needs some scifi VFX, and we’ve got shows with great scifi VFX like ‘Star Trek Discovery’.

It needs action, occasionally, and TV has been blowing up a lot of stuff since before even ‘The A-Team’.

Why aspect of the show do you think is more expensive than what we’ve seen before?

And we’ve just seen that people aren’t exactly queuing for a Predator movie anyway.

It’s not something that’d seem very likely to succeed, really.

Which is an issue, but Disney took ‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Punisher’, neither of which was a hit film franchise, and made successful TV shows out of them on Netflix.

If they can do that, they can do a ‘Predator’ show, if they want to?


Predator needs a quick, sleek, story.
Show? Nah.

Unless it was like - 3 episodes, max.


People always say this. What is there to make a show about? They said it about Hannibal, they said it about Gotham, they said it about Frasier!

You find a story, you find a way to expand what we know and explore what we don’t.

Do it right and it runs for years.


Hannibal had books.
Gotham had years.
Frasier had formula.

Clearly these people were dumb.
I never said a show wouldn’t work - but three episodes a season. Max.


I’d say that would be a good way to approach the Marvel shows on Netflix…


Think outside the box.


A tight three episode season about the Predator invading a couples mixer/night out would be fun as hell.


It’s a remake of Jingle All The Way in which Predator has to get his son a severed human head for Christmas - if only Arnie would get out of the way!


Jungle All The Way


You know Shane Black would be up for it.


Predator based on the template of the original story wouldn’t work, but you could easily make it a multi-season show. Just like with Aliens and Terminator. All these are huge long standing global brands spanning 30 years now - Disney isn’t going to just abandon them. Clearly there’s no appetite for cinema releases (and they’re not the kind of thing Disney does at cinema anyway) but I’d bet they’d be decent TV shows, particularly for getting new subscribers for the streaming channel.


They’ve even already done a couple of seasons of a Terminator TV show, which shows the kind of thing you could do with those properties.


Or… you know… not.

Maybe do something that would survive a few more seasons.


Y’all are a bunch of sillies. A Predator series is a snap. Discovering their existence, humans decide en masse they have had quite enough of this “being prey” crap, and build and launch a tremendous warship to go hunt the hunters. I could do seven seasons telling that story, easy.


I quite liked the Terminator TV show once it got going.


Given that Disney will be spending an ungodly amount of money to make the next Netflix all three franchises (plus Apes, Independence Day, Deadpool and Kingsman) are possible TV series that we’d quickly love. Terminator might be the toughest of them all as they’ve covered a lot of that story already (mostly badly) but the rest can all be rebooted and offer something fresh and rewarding.


I just want them to make a sequel to War already.


If it’s on a streaming service it would have a better chance of lasting longer. The Sarah Conner Chronicles was really hitting its groove when it got cancelled. Not saying they should jump into a Terminator series anytime soon, but I don’t think there was anything wrong with the template that show was using.


I think Apes and Kingsman are the best franchises for a long term TV show. I don’t think Fox own Kingsman, I think MV privately finances them and uses Fox for distribution, but I’m sure he’d love to sell to Disney. And Disney should buy as the franchise could be really great for their portfolio.


In a half-hour sitcom format, a retired Predator opens a hunting-themed bar in Boston, with a crowd of regulars (including Dutch) and an occasional guest star (an Alien, maybe?). Comedy gold!!