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That may not be the case anymore. AT&T has taken over WB and if the comments regarding HBO are any indication, WB may be expected to churn out product like an assembly line.


I’m not wading too far into this debate again but clearly within the context of Marvel films it has done poorly. It’s the worst grossing film since the first one, and those two stand as outliers in a franchise that should grab $700 million global just by showing up.

I don’t feel the “frigging Ant-Man” argument totally works as the franchise has had great success with the likes of Dr. Strange and the Guardians, and made Black Panther one of the biggest movies of all time.

But, it has done well by general blockbuster standards, there is no denying it. And Solo’s dismal showing probably revealed the floor for these franchises, which Ant-Man didn’t reach—although it may have come closer to that floor than to the mean.

The future of Marvel should be pretty interesting.


As with the previous film, we also have to remember that the simple box-office figures don’t tell the whole story, especially with something like Ant-Man that skews younger than most Marvel movies.

It enables Marvel and Disney to reach a slightly different audience again for all their merchandising, theme parks, video games, toys, cartoons etc. (in my experience Ant-Man has a generally pretty high level of awareness among young kids, disproportionate to the movies’ box-office as it’s higher than stuff like Guardians or Strange. Maybe because the basic concept is so simple and clear to youngsters).

And even within the films alone it sets up a character who can add an extra dimension to the team movies, as we saw in Civil War and we’re seemingly going to see again in Avengers 4.

I don’t really have a horse in the race either way (I don’t care that much about Ant-Man - I haven’t even seen the second movie yet - but I thought the first movie was a fun, light romp) but I get the impression that Ant-Man and its sequel have done pretty much exactly what Marvel/Disney intended them to.

Although yeah, I’m sure they would have been delighted to earn an extra couple of hundred million at the box office.


Per Variety, Disney CEO Bob Iger calls his company’s streaming service “Disney Play,” and its big initial selling point will be the company’s 2019 theatrical releases, “including Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Frozen 2 and a new Star Wars installment.” As for the price, Iger says you can expect to pay “less than Netflix’s $8-14 monthly fee”:


I do too. I’m never going to claim it’s a smash hit but how much can you expect in an uplift from the first anyway? That’s been done with others by raising the stakes but Ant-Man is by its nature quite small and low key, as with the first it’s a ‘fun, light romp’ (and in my estimation not as good but not a big drop of either, it’s okay and entertains enough).


Also, I suspect that not having a role in IW kinda mattered in this instance, since he could’ve benefited from that bump… But overall I agree that it’s done rather well when considering the franchise. They now have 2 more characters & actors to play with in other movies too…



So, I just got back from the Happytime Murders. I really liked it. While I’m certain Meet the Feebles comes to mind and is brought up often, this doesn’t remind of that kind of film at all. It isn’t an “everyman meets the underbelly” kind of movie.

It’s a low-stakes Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Ralph Bakshi with puppets. It’s fully committed to its crazy and goes for maximum absurdity on multiple occasions. I watched it through my fingers on a couple of occasions and the entire theater laughed all the way through the movie.

It’s juvenile, scatalogical, and fun, and in my opinion no critic is going to like it and it won’t make a lot of money because it’s not enough like what people are going think it’s about.

Hell, people brought children to my showing. I don’t think they lasted past the Alamo Drafthouse’s custom do not talk short for the movie.


Economist Carl Schramm has resigned from the board of directors of MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics, claiming that management withheld financial information and made important decisions without the board’s knowledge.

The board member said his concerns have grown substantially over the last eight weeks, as the company’s management made corporate decisions and executed “significant transactions” without the board’s knowledge or approval, offered last-minute notice of meetings and withheld material information for months.


I’m really looking forward to Moviepass the movie.


Will they accept moviepass for the screenings?


It’ll probably be the only chance anything to do with MoviePass has at making money.


Of course, they wouldn’t let you use Moviepass to see the movie…


Another situation where the term “economist” is bandied about. Must be one of those ivory tower academic-type dudes who can’t make change for a dollar.




I suppose that Warner Bros. get to be happy for a while.


Looking forward to the Barbie/Masters of the Universe crossover.


Stop reading my fanfic, Arjan!


Disney took pity on them and gave them August and September all to themselves.