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Crazy Rich Asians is the #1 movie in North America.

Going back to Wonder Woman and Get Out last year, it’s starting to look like people might not always want movies about white men.


We know they never did, even the establishment knew that. Sort of. Occasionally.

They also knew that they might get fired for taking a “risk” on a non-white lead film that tanked, whereas if a white lead film dropped dead, at least no-one would say that it’s casting choice was the cause.

And of course my use of the past tense in this post shouldn’t be taken to mean that any of this is over.


This is best posted here, as it is about music’s ‘box office’.

Early commentary is that while the units were sold, Jackson’s was a concept album - one shot. Eagles drew from many wells in comparison. So maybe one can look at Thriller versus Dark Side of the Moon as best-selling concept album. Those are still a lot of dollars.

Quite interesting bit:

RIAA’s platinum status was once equivalent to selling one million albums or songs, but in 2013 the company began incorporating streaming from YouTube, Spotify and other digital music services to determine certification for albums and songs.
Now 1,500 streams of an album is equivalent to an album sale. Also, 10 song downloads = 1 album sale.

So now you know
the rest
of the story.


I already posted about it in the Music Thread:


Okey-dokey, Smoky. Free PR for some Eagles!


I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Thriller described as a concept album :confused:


Yet Netflix seems to not be struggling, financially…


Netflix is in rapid expansion mode. They have actually borrowed loads of money and are heavily in debt but as the global expansion continues nobody much minds that, the same was true of Amazon for years until they got that dominant position and the profits started coming in.

As I said if they hit a point when they reach saturation point in the market they may start to take the password sharing thing seriously but that could be many years away. They expanded to 200 new countries only 2 years ago so they have massive growth potential to keep shareholders happy for a long time.


Eggsy is still doing all right.




Cancelled my MoviePass annual subscription after 6 months since they just sent out an email reducing their plan for ALL subscribers to three movies a month (with a $5 discount on any additional films). Decided to jump now since I’m just past the break even point and I can still get about $60 refunded.




That means it’s already made nearly $30m more than Ant-Man, the big delay in release dates globally made it initially look more disappointing than it is. A good few weeks in China and the usual late release in Japan this weekend and it’s a decent enough success I think.


It’ll end up out performing the first one by a decent amount. Not much else you should expect from an Ant-Man movie. So yeah, it should be considered a success.


Cause people are tired of seeing the same thing over and over? :smile:


I feel like the success of the Ant-Man sequel is being underappreciated on this board. This is frigging Ant-Man we’re talking about, a character who can’t maintain his own solo series, and he’s on course for the sixth biggest movie of the year so far, both in the US and globally. That’s ridiculous.


I’m finding it harder to be enthused about Disney dominating cinema. The writing on the wall is that they’re going to dominate over the next few years, squeezing cinemas and gobbling up studios.

And while they deliver perfectly package corporate engineered popcornfests they’re clearly eliminating the creative human element in exchange for the optimum Mouse dollar. Creativity will need to pass through three layers of managerial review in case the boots are the wrong shade. Flawed humans need no longer apply. Their movies will be as tailored yet bland as Dancing with the Stars, with the bullshit veneer only the brains behind ESPN could deliver, the next generation of stars will come from the same Disney Farm where they grow all their kid pop stars right now, and we’ll swallow it with a smile as our cholesterol levels rise. Like brain McDonalds they’ll deliver satisfying tasty mindless junkfood. Lots of empty calories, not much flavor.

I think crusty human creativity will find home on streaming. At least I hope so.


Warner has always been good at picking up great movies, so hopefully they’ll continue like that, instead of trying to be Disney… Otherwise, yeah streaming seems to be a good short-term solution.