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Finally some sanity in this crazy world.


British people are weird


The word is “eccentric”.


When used to describe someone else, it’s a nice way of saying “weirdo”. When used to describe yourself, it means batshit insane. :wink:


To quote Yes, Minister:

It’s one of those irregular verbs, isn’t it? I have an independent mind, you are an eccentric, he is round the twist.


So that’s Dave, myself and Ronnie described to a tee then!


I prefer the term wonk. :wink:


You leave WonK out of this! He was the sanest of you lot!


Yeah. He left this place.


Won will occasionally show up on my Facebook feed.


Pity it’s two movies. ABBA being chased and eaten by a megalodon would be a terrific film!


Stop reading my fan fiction, Miqque.


And yet they continue to dig their hole…



This is hardly surprising. Parts of it are slightly even in a grey area. Netflix is set up for my family to use and on an unlimited number of devices, my tier allows 2 streams simultaneously (you can upgrade to 4). I often use it on my tablet if I’m going away anywhere.

So it’s not a huge stretch if my daughter heads off to college she continues to use it. It’s already set up for the family to use and also to use outside my home location. A quick glance at the terms and conditions doesn’t make it clear that isn’t allowed, is she not part of my ‘household’ if she’s back for holidays 3 months of the year? Am I part of my household if my job is a travelling salesman and 90% of my viewing is done on the road?


I think it’s clear most streaming services don’t care. Their play is mindshare, not profits.


It seems an odd thing to pin on Millenials.


Right? My parents gave me their password to Netflix as soon as they signed up. I didn’t ask for it, they were just like “Hey, we got Netlix, here’s the info in case you want to use it”. Could be that Millennials are more likely to use streaming services than other age groups, but that’s about it.


Well the numbers are there in the percentages but they also, especially at under 25, have the least money and the closest family ties having recently left home (I mean if they are still at home then they are just using it as designed).

I tend to agree with Jim that they aren’t much concerned, especially in the expansion mode they are in, maybe that would change if they reach saturation and then still need to show revenue growth but that’s likely many years down the line.

As an example last time I was in the UK I needed a part for my phone which broke, so I saw it on Amazon and signed up for the Prime trial to make sure I got it the next day. When I came back to Malaysia I logged on and it all worked. It’s the easiest thing in the world for them to geoblock, I wasn’t using a VPN and had a Malaysian IP address so I can only come to the conclusion they don’t care.

It’s another user to add to their base to report back to the financial markets.