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Unfortunately, what we’d probably get is Covenant 2 with David planting the eggs on the derelict for the Nostromo to find.


Could be, yeah. It’ll be very interesting to see the kind of original content they bring to the streaming service. They’ll have to have some mature content if they really want to compete with Netflix. Otherwise that’s something Netflix will always have over Disney. But considering the most popular shows of the last decade or two have been things like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. Disney would be a bit foolish to ignore that that’s what people want from their TV.


I don’t really do tv anymore and I have no streaming subscriptions, I hope Netflix will do movies too. Generally I am not that big a fan of the longform format of tv series for dramatic content, with a few exceptions. When Netflix makes their Godfather maybe I’ll get a subscription.

I loved Breaking Bad. Then I was quite enthusiastic for Twin Peaks The Return but that turned out to be fricking awful. It took me a while to realize it, but it really is shit (still love the first season of the original though.) Thank God I didn’t get a subscription to watch it.


Sign me up!


Agreed there. Twin Peaks The Return was terrible. Just a mess. It felt like two or three different movies cut together with a bunch of Twin Peaks deleted scenes thrown in. Completely unengaging. The whole thing felt like Lynch just wanted to dick around with “Dougie” but had to throw in some scenes with Ed, Nadine, Dr. Jacoby, and the rest of the gang to justify the title. It also didn’t help that so many key actors – Bowie, Silva, and Davis – had to be replaced with stock footage and giant teapots.


I kept watching until episode 15 or so when I stopped downloading. I kept reading episode summaries and theorizing about what to make of it, but ultimately it is a fruitless endeavour. There is a very rudimentary narrative in there drowning in a whole lot of meaningless pretentious garbage. The only correct response is this.

I still love Lynch for Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. He can make good stuff if he wants to.


I hope that nothing bad happens to Fox Searchlight.
Maybe that new Oscar category was made because Disney are about to half the amount of award contenders and serve only popcorn in return.


I LOVED Twin Peaks The Return and truly believe Episode 8 was one of the single best episodes of a television series in the history of the medium.

Getting back to Disney and Fox, Disney now has FX Network in their stable. They have produced some of the highest quality shows that push boundaries. That could be an outlet for more adult fare.


This would be in line with historic acquisitions like MGM and UA, but Disney could use a buffer for properties like Marvel and Star Wars. Those fans are not necessarily Disney fans and need alternative treatment. Disney’s family friendly, bland approach isn’t going to fly with their expanded audience.


For their TV, yes.

But they’re not looking for an expanded audience in the cinemas. They want PG rated, four quadrant, family friendly, drama, comedy, fantasy and action adventure. No R ratings, no Oscar bait, nothing challenging or controversial.

The other studios can try that, take the risks. Disney aren’t interested.

But yes, for TV, they’ll need a much broader range. They can’t just be a family channel, they need something for singles and adults who are up past their kid’s bedtime.


The Meg made $44.5M domestic this weekend, almost double the $23M predicted.

Don’t underestimate shark movies, I guess.


I saw it Friday. It’s a very watchable movie. Just enough tension to suck you in and plenty of utter ridiculousness to keep you going. It plays just on the edge of comedy without actively winking at the audience and it knows its genre tropes.

It’s a breezy and fun and when I got done, I didn’t feel like I had wasted my money. It wasn’t “ZOMG I have to watch this again” but it’s in my head in a good way. Not that repeating “ugh, why did I go see that” way.


Yeah, I saw it too.
It’s not bad, but it’s not exciting or thrilling though.

I will disagree that it has “utter ridiculousness” though. It’s more…easy viewing.
Definitely matinee, but a solid matinee.


Kicking and screaming, the extended death throes continue.


That they actually think they can save the service by only offering two random movies with very selective show times on the app shows just how dumb they are. Especially considering a lot of people’s subscriptions will be coming up in the next month. I checked over the weekend and literally only had the option for Slender Man. It showed Mission Impossible, but had it blacked out. They just need to accept that they’ve failed and it’s over. Especially if this is how they plan to run things from now on.


I don’t see MoviePass surviving much past September.


@Jim, @garjones and @DaveWallace’s evil twin brother from a parallel universe:

A class action lawsuit was made public as shareholders seek compensation after losing a significant amount of money. HMNY closed today at $0.05.

Good luck squeezing blood from THAT turnip…


I swear Moviepass is embezzling money or something. They stopped making sense months ago. I read they’re reversing cancellations sneakily now.


It’s rather indicative of how investing has changed I think. With a lot of tech taking years and years to break even and then hitting huge profits people are holding out on models that would have been shut down long before in the past. It’s a dead duck but they hold out on that slim chance it’ll change the world.


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again has now outgrossed Incredibles 2 in the UK:

  1. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, £3,568,169 from 698 sites. Total: £48,311,304 (4 weeks)

  2. Incredibles 2, £2,354,530 from 658 sites. Total: £45,007,302 (5 weeks)