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There’s lots of renaissance art of less than stellar quality, it’s just not talked about as much as the great stuff;

The Borgias had to test their poisons on someone I guess?

What caught me off guard about Wright’s comment was that it seemed to be something he’d only recently realised, and he wasn’t yet sure if it was accurate?

He’s probably not alone in that, The Hollywood Reporter does a series of roundtable discussions with producers or actors or directors etc., but not together, and you can hear how each group has their own perspective on things.

Occasionally a hyphenate will appear on a roundtable, an actor who directs for example, and you can then see how they have a wider perspective than the other people in the group.


That was interesting with Christopher Nolan on Radio 5 the other day. He mentioned how much help Kenneth Branagh was in Dunkirk on a very challenging part of the shoot as he could see from his perspective as well as an actor’s.



“It’s great when critics and audiences are in sync, but The Emoji Movie reached its intended audience and we’re thrilled that they have spoken and made it a family event ,” beamed Sony’s global marketing and distribution chief Josh Greenstein.

Fair play to him. :wink:


Baby Driver made $92 million so far? WOW.


My son asked me today to see the Emoji Movie. I said to my wife there’s no chance I am paying to take the family to a movie that has an 8% Rotten Tomatoes rating. I know all the weaknesses in that system and all opinions are subjective but at that pitiful level it’s not going to be good is it? :smile:


Even a good movie wrongly scored usually settles in around the 20’s


Yeah exactly. There may be a film out there at under 10% I would really like. The chances are extremely slim. I can’t see every film anyway so I’ll hedge my bets on one much higher up. :smile:


I have no idea.

I don’t check the scores that often and I disagree, at least half the time, when I do.

So if the trailer didn’t make you laugh, maybe there’s a good zoo you can take him to? :slight_smile:


The boy is spoiled anyway, he’s been to theme parks and a kids club at Club Med for most of the last two weeks. :smile:

I disagree a lot too but I have to say I don’t often with the extremes of the top and bottom 10%. If an overwhelming number of critics and the public rate that a film is poor, it probably is.

If I take him to the cinema I will hedge my bets on Cars 3. Kids will want to see any film they trail on the kids cable channels.


I would be shocked if the Emoji Movie was that much worse than Cars 3. At the very least it’s 20 minutes shorter.


I feel like it might be equally boring though.


I don’t want to see either really. I’m looking at a last resort to shut him up.

If only they released Hipster Contrarian: The Movie. :smile:


Basic math: “boring >>> boring (+ 20 minutes)”

It’s true kids will want to see any old shit though. My son asks to go to every animated movie, and there are few I draw the line at. Angry Birds, Smurfs, Trolls, and the Emoji Movie are some recent examples.

This year I have decided to see every movie that hits #1 in the country, so I was nervously watching the results this weekend. (I’m not seeing them all in the theatres though. Some, like Boss Baby and Dunkirk, are rentals.)


I heard that movie was terrible, but I actually liked it.


If 'Hipster Contarian" got 98% on Rotten Tomatoes the universe would immediately cease to exist.


You can keep it.

I’ll just put in The Obscure Reference Movie back in the DVD player.


Trolls is actually ok. It’s kind of like eating seven Sherbert Dib-Dabs and a packet of Skittles and then vomiting it all out to an FM-Radio-friendly soundtrack, but it’s ok.


Aye, Trolls ain’t half bad.

It’s light and sugary. But not bad.


You can skip it. Christel and I saw it and it was mediocre at best. It was generic and safe. Very small kids may enjoy it but your life will be better without seeing it.