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It’s absolutely boring. The drama unfolds at such a slow pace that I honestly don’t care to see how this ends.


Helios and Matheson (HMNY), the parent company of MoviePass, was trading at about 7 cents per share Wednesday afternoon.


Damn it, I missed my chance on this sweet deal.


They need to make a movie about the making of Moviepass.

This company has become a parody at this point. I wonder if there’s something suspect going on.


You’re in luck! It’s now at 6 cents per share.


Let me get on my Stash app asap.


It’s either a real-life performance of The Producers or one big fancy money-laundering scheme.

I do not detect Mel Brooks.


So which will happen first: MoviePass goes under or the big chains with their own programs no longer accept movie pass?


I reckon it’s worth a punt. In the 0.05% chance they can make it work stick down $10 and get a load of shares.

Yes I am now bullish for Moviepass. :smile:

Not really


Good or popular? Because Gibson’s “Get the gringo” was really quite great!


In comic movie BOnews, Ant-Man looks like it will quietly break 200 this weekend on its way to selling slightly more tickets than the first one domestically.


I don’t have a Wall Street Journal subscription, so this is filtered and second hand;

Speculation is that under Disney control, Fox will rapidly scale back and then stop producing anything outside the PG-ish arena. If true that means no more ‘Aliens’ or ‘Predators’.

The ‘Avatar’ movies are safe (at least until the first one comes out and they see how it does?) and so are the ‘X-Men’, at least in some form.

There’s also the chance that Disney will shut down Fox as an entity, but that one seems less likely to me. They haven’t done it with Marvel, Pixar or Lucasfilm, better to keep running it for several years at least and see how it does under the Disney umbrella?

Since I can’t read the original report I don’t know how credible it’s sources are?


How much artistic influence does Disney have over the movies Marvel studios produces?

I really like the Marvel movies we’ve gotten but there is something sinister about Disney gobbling everything up. Maybe Jim is right that Netflix is the future for more challenging content, and Disney will only churn out inoffensive pablum.

Well I guess there will always be arthouse cinemas.


Most of the Fox properties seem to be on their ladt legs.

Alien has been creatively bankrupt for decades, and not even Ridley Scott could save it.

Predator is just kind of out there now. Everyone knows it exists, but nobody really has much enthusiasm for it.

Buffy? Still a PG property, and the female lead potentially interests Disney for the potential princess association. Maybe they can do something with that reboot. The original actors have mostly aged out of their roles.

_X-Files?_Again, PG territory, but it’s on its last legs with Gillian Anderson bowing out. Never mind that it crawled up its ass around season six and never recovered.

I mean, sure, we’d all like more Alien movies, but it’s definitely a fading brand, and not even its original director can recapture the magic.



It’s the era of peak TV. If you want experimentation it’s more likely to be found on TV than cinema screens.

Disney are ahead of the curve. In their business model, cinemas are special entertainment venues that charge a lot so have to give expensive, spectacular and highly emotional films in return.

Disney don’t make cheap films any more. They don’t make Oscar bait. They don’t make intellectual or challenging films. Their goal is to make expensive and highly polished, high quality, high concept, mainstream, PG rated movies.

This isn’t in doubt is it? What do they have on their slate that isn’t that?

Those films feed into all the other businesses Disney owns; the theme parks and cruise ships, the merchandising, toys, t-shirt, books and comics.

This isn’t what they’re going to do. It’s what they are doing right now.

So I think Fox will remain as a division, like Marvel are, but what they produce will probably focus down in some way similar to the way the article outlines.

I would like to see all their horror IP be bundled off to other studios if Disney won’t make them. I think exciting reboots of Aliens, Predator (if the new one doesn’t work) and the X Files could all be found.

‘Buffy’ should definitely come back, as planned, to TV, and that’s where Disney will continue to try a wider range of things. Once it settles on how it intends to build it’s answer to Netflix, we should see it become somewhere that takes more risks, because that’s what works in TV right now, and Disney do what works.


I’ve been saying for a year Disney are killing every Fox property outside Avatar and Marvel. Disney have a certain range of brands they want to utilize.


Hasn’t Disney bought studios before, let them run a bit, then shut them down?

I don’t think the idea of shuttering Fox is that farfetched based on history, IIRC.


I want more Alien films godammit.


Where the article fails is all the new stuff they’ll do for their streaming service. You’ll probably get an Aliens TV show.