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Yeah, this is some guys from the field of a “behavioural economics and data science at the University of Birmingham” trying to figure out the wheel by themselves and after publishing the results, presumably the whole academic field of literary and film studies is going, “um, guys…”.


OR - they could have taken a weekend writing seminar.

Sometimes dilettantes from other fields are amusing. Mostly, they are like this.



It’s amazing that it’s still making money so long after home release. I know the article says Disney promoted into more screens but they can’t make cinemas show it (although they can persuade with various carrots) but more importantly can’t make people turn up to see it.

It also tells us Disney cares about the records so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them find a way with a re-release or gimmick, to push Infinity War the extra $20m or so it needs to beat TFA globally.


Well, to be fair… Birmingham. Moving pictures are probably still a novelty to him.


The first study was retracted as it concluded that all the filmmakers should be drowned for witchcraft.


@Jim, @garjones and @DaveWallace, if he presents a royal decree authorizing viewing

Here is the truth behind the headline:

Shares immediately jumped 45% on the news, rising past 10 cents a share.


It’s a much smarter tactic, but still probably too late. I was just talking about this exact thing with my sister over the weekend, that instead of raising the price and blacking out movies they should just limit it to like 4 movies a month because that would weed out the people who try to use it every day (and they’re the real drain on the system). I average 2 movies a month with MoviePass, so this works fine for me. That said, the MoviePass app was completely screwed for me this whole weekend. It wasn’t showing any movie times prior to 5pm and several theaters wouldn’t load. So they’ve still go plenty of problems.


Ant-Man And The Wasp rolled out into 586 sites this weekend, taking £3.8m. Including previews of £1.2m, the film’s official opening is a soft-looking £5m.

That’s not a vintage return for a Marvel film, which often open north of £10m. The total falls short of titles such as Thor (£5.4m) and Iron Man (£5.5m), only topping The Incredible Hulk (£3.3m) and Captain America (£3m) in that superhero canon.

I think opening so far from the US release hurt it; there wasn’t really any buzz (no pun intended) for the movie by the time it came out.

The first didn’t do great either though, it only opened to £4.1M.


Plus, it’s still really hot and sunny in most of the UK.


I thought there was a lot to the Ant Man release strategy that suggested Disney felt it had a bit of a turd on its hands (relative to its canon) and wanted to sweep it in and out of theatres without disrupting the goodwill generated by Panther and Infinity too much.


I think China and Japan still have to start showing Ant-Man so it will probably do decently in the end. A bit more than the first one probably.


At this point Ant-Man & The Wasp isn’t the disaster that Solo was, but it’s also not a success story either. It’s just one of those forgettable blockbusters that turned a bit of a profit but ultimately no one cares much about one way or another. The franchise likely won’t (and shouldn’t) continue on, and that’ll be that.


It’ll fill out the box sets, whether they be cloud based or on the shelves in shops.

I liked the first one, but haven’t got around to this one yet. I think I’ll enjoy it, I’ve just been a bit busy.

So that’s my theory; it’s just not compelling enough to compete with other films.

But ‘Mamma Mia’ is… what a world!


Mamma Mia! got a five-star review from Mark Kermode!


I want to see it…but I’d like to know if there’s at least 30 solid minutes of the Brosnan/Firth/Skarsgard power trio in it first.


It’s nice for Meryl Streep that with Mamma Mia 2 she will finally get some recognition.


She should be grateful that John Cena was otherwise engaged.


Hey speaking of John Cena… did anyone say Drax?? :smile: