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Yeah this one is hugely skewed because of a delayed release in Europe due to the World Cup and China not until the end of this month. China and then UK/Ireland (they tally them together for films as they do for US/Canada, it’s not a political statement before anyone gets angry :smile: ) are the 2nd and 3rd biggest markets for Hollywood films.

If they follow the pattern in the US it should do marginally better overall.

Germany 26 July 2018
Hungary 26 July 2018
UK 3 August 2018
Ireland 3 August 2018
Poland 3 August 2018
Italy 14 August 2018
Portugal 15 August 2018
China 24 August 2018
Japan 31 August 2018


Ant-Man performed about as well as you could expect an Ant-Man movie to perform. It might be a little disappointing, but it’s topped the first Ant-Man domestically in terms of gross and will probably end up with similar worldwide numbers. It was a fun enough movie, but ultimately forgettable. It was just kind of there.


You tell them when you buy their tickets and agree to their terms of service. You still have your constitutional right not to see their movies if you so wish :slight_smile:


It’s crazy that it’s coming out so late. Seems like it was 20 years ago, I remember Phantom Menace premiering here 3 months or so after the US.

I guess AMATW will end up with 600 million or so which isn’t that bad.


Miqque has too good a nature to think the obvious reason is that if you didn’t ask for ID then one person could buy a pass and shuffle it around to all their friends and family to use and watch movies for free.


Fixed that for you.


Only five years ago, the first Wreck-It Ralph came out in the UK four months after the US, which seems crazy now.


The fact than an Ant-Man movie can perform almost on par with a Justice League movie show how strong the Marvel brand is.


Justice League just needed the Atom.


The delay in release explains the difference, but it’s crazy that it’s so long a delay. China will already have copies selling on every market stall. There’s bound to be an extra hundred million in those 3 countries, but it’s still disappointing that it didn’t seem to grow the brand. Sub $250 mil US always feels like failure for Disney (or big franchise movies in general).


That’s it. Ant-Man has gone the way of the western.


I think they made a mistake in such a long delay for the World Cup but we’ll never really know how it would have done.

On the China part I believe it’s a bit outside their control. They operate a July blackout when they only usually allow local film releases. They seem a little looser on it this year but in the recent past the blackout has lasted as long as 6 weeks and of course that can push films further back as they don’t all want to release them the same weekend when it’s over.

I suspect it’s partly why the super blockbusters, like Avengers, are now usually placed outside July and have moved earlier to April/May.


The small dose of not-terrible news hasn’t stopped the free-fall of Helios & Matheson stock, which is already down 48% to about 26 cents in early trading.


See Netflix’s errors at Cannes this year to see why this probably won’t happen.


The home market is becoming more and more important. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hulu joins in the next year or so.

Comcast and Amazon have set a deal to launch Prime Video on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform in the first such integration of the streaming service into an MVPD’s offering.

The plan follows similar integrations of Netflix and YouTube on X1, giving the No. 1 U.S. cable distributor more digital options than its rivals. That is a noteworthy strategic stance as traditional TV bundle players try to diversify their offerings and respond to subscriber erosion, cord-shaving and the explosion of direct-to-consumer offerings.


They should have moved the World Cup instead.

The scientists categorised the movies according to six emotional profiles or clusters, which were previously applied to novels.

These are: rags to riches – an ongoing emotional rise as seen in films such as The Shawshank Redemption; riches to rags – an ongoing emotional fall (Psycho); man in a hole – a fall followed by a rise (The Godfather); Icarus – a rise followed by a fall (On the Waterfront); Cinderella – a rise followed by a fall followed by a rise (Babe); and Oedipus, a fall followed by a rise followed by a fall (All About My Mother).

They were able to then map the clusters that were most successful at the box office across 21 genres.

The analysis showed that man in a hole movies with their happy-sad-happy trajectory were the most financially successful movies across all genres, costing an average of $40.5m to produce and earning an average of $54.9m.


Scientists discover classical story structure… a few thousand years late.


Oddly enough I prefer these ones.


Seriously, this sounds the “fresh eyes” naïveté turned up to 11.


I would be interested in some real science on how the brain reacts to these stories, and comparisons of their presention in different genres, for different age groups etc.

But this doesn’t appear to be that. :roll_eyes: