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How many reservations can I make?
A-List reservations can be made any time after movie tickets go on sale. Members may not have more than 3 reservations at any time, regardless of whether the showtimes fall within the same week. You will not be able to make a reservation if the start of that movie begins before the previous movie ends.

Does A-List offer a family membership?
We hope that soon in the future we will offer an A-List family plan with the flexibility to make multiple A-List reservations in the same order.

Can I reserve a ticket for someone else?
Currently, AMC Stubs A-List ticket savings are only for one person, the account holder. To protect your account benefits, we will check for a valid photo ID at the theatre for all A-List reservations. If you would like to purchase additional tickets at market price for friends and family at the time you make your A-List reservation on the site or app, you can do so and will even earn AMC Stubs points for those tickets!

What if I want to use my AMC Stubs A-List account to purchase ticket for a family member?
You have the option to waive your A-List savings when reserving a ticket, if you need to purchase a ticket for someone else to use.


During the school year 3 movies a week would probably be impossible until I’m done with course work, but at $19.99 a month I’d only need to see 2-3 a month to make it worthwhile. And between running a film blog and doing Film and Media Studies, I can justify seeing that many films.


Who the fuck told a movie theater they could be cops? A subhuman at the market tried to card me for buying antihistamines. Damned near smacked that boy! “Show me your papers” in the USA will engender violence from this citizen!


I think the drinks pass would not count for the 20 year old single malt or an expensive Bordeaux…

If I could drink without limits for 20 euros a month at a nice pub I would get a couple of drinks, like 2 or 3, a few times a week I think. My limit would be about 5 drinks per night.


The Redback in Shepards Bush, London had a similar scheme on Sundays. £20 all you could drink.
And that was after the 11am-4pm Sunday session at “The Church” Clapham Junction then train ride to the walkabout Shepherds Bush from 4-8.

I have no idea how my liver still works


It’s a nice idea but as Jim said with his chicken wings it needs to scope out financially. I don’t know the pub industry but I think any $20 beer monthly pass was hypothetical and could be disastrous, my example was regulated by being in one night, there’s a limit before most people collapse.

You’d get people in every night for 5 pints and maybe 150 a month or more or living every meal off chicken wings. :smile:

Without ever seeing the numbers I tend to judge how things are profitable based on how long they last, banks won’t lend money endlessly to companies losing money, Vue have been using this model for many many years. Their legal reporting says they made a nice profit in 2017.


I’m not sure how much longer this is going to last:



Disney have a 35% share of the box office this year without adding in Fox (that’d give them another 10%).

Looks like we’re going to have a very dominant player who no doubt will demand all the screens and a bigger share of the profits at the box office. And most likely less choice at the cinema as a result of that.


Which is something Netflix should capitalize on. So far they’ve done well with original series programing, but haven’t been so hot with original movies. They’ve obviously got some of each in the pipeline from Millarworld, which is great, but they could be a great haven for indie cinema. Because that’s what’s most likely to lose screens in Disney’s world.


I’ve already said to Mark that Netflix are set to win here. They’ll eventually be the only place to watch mid budget movies, which means interesting, challenging and era defining (rather than the safe popcorn stuff Disney will make). And the firing of Gunn means Netflix will become a haven for creative people who don’t want the same moral pressure (i.e. the talented creative people).

Netflix content is still a bit shit, but I think we’ll see the best work in media out of them over the next 10 years.

I also think there’s a place for Netflix cinemas, buying a chain and showing their stuff for like $3 per ticket, maybe less if you’re a Netflix member. They’re not ready yet, but I think it’d be a brilliant move. Rather than watching the next Game of Thrones on TV, you could watch it in a cinema with 300 people every Sunday night. How awesome an experience would that be?!


Agreed. They’ve already got Millarworld, which could be a treasure trove of fun, original content. Plus they’ve landed the likes of Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy, two of the biggest names in TV over the last 15 years (Shonda maybe being the last big name in network TV). They have Cary Fukunaga doing original content over there, Stranger Things is a massive hit… plus they have some really interesting international series that I think sets them apart too. There’s no reason to think more names won’t jump on board over the next few years.


The creator of Monk is basically doing a show that was pitched in the last episode of Episodes, so…there’s some quality stuff on the horizon.


I wonder if there’s a point in the future where other studios and/or theater chains could push back legally against Disney to limit the number or % of screens they would have available to them. The spirit of the Paramount decision was to prevent a studio from having a monopoly of production, distribution, and exhibition, so if Disney reaches a certain level of demands there could be an argument that it would violate that in spirit if not in terms of the letter of the decision.

Similarly, I wonder if Netflix could legally purchase theaters. At the very least they would have to have outside production or distribution for their films if they did (in the US at least).


The one about the hookers?


Nah, the one that LeBlanc hated.
Not the one that would last 10 seasons.


The biggest thing Netflix got from hiring Millar is series potential. They got a man with decades of experience writing serialised stories.

They’ll make one-off movies too, but the big benefit will be years of serial storytelling. Things that hook an audience and keep them subscribing over and over again.


I expect Jupiters Legacy to be massive, but I also know that the international market is foremost in everyone’s thoughts. There’s some really exciting ideas planned. Netflix feel like they’re years ahead of everyone else.

I think there will be rumblings about this over the next few years, the other studios are going to be squeezed here. Maybe if they continually get over 50%.

I’m not sure they fit under the idea that was in place for the previous laws. I think more likely they offer a franchise type model for independent cinemas to get contracts to screen their content. A few years ago Netflix would be trading for the maximum number of subscribers, today they know content is king and mind share is the only ting that matters.

This would really help them expand their global footprint to places that maybe wouldn’t have a great subscription base but cheap indie cinemas would mean hundreds of millions could be watching a new Netflix release at the same time.


The big studios used to own huge chains of movies theatres at the start of the 20th Century but they were forced, by anti-trust laws, to sell off their cinemas.

Netflix buying theatres would trigger alarm bells,


I could definitely see a scenario where the next significant film-related Supreme Court decision would be Netflix, et al v. Disney.