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“There are no plans to dilute the HBO brand in favor of increasing volume of programming,” Bloys said during HBO’s portion of TCA, adding that the network brass have plans to do “nothing different than curate excellence.”

Bloys noted that HBO CEO Richard Plepler had been vocal about the need for more investment, so “what I heard [at the town hall] was more investment, which was music to our ears.”

That was a welcome change from the past couple of years when HBO parent Time Warner was focused on preparing for a sale, not investing. “This is the first in long time that someone is prepared to invest,” Bloys said.

He was adamant that “no one has talked to us about diluting HBO programming and increasing the volume to a point where we lose creative control. You won’t see us do Love Boat reboots.”

Well, now I want to see an HBO version of Love Boat!


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Everyone is just going to try to short it again. No reason to think it won’t be back down where it was. Just a matter of time.


Just to follow up on the Helios & Matheson stock…it’s already down to around $3 per share. It’s one of the most toxic stocks I’ve seen. It’s quite impressive at this point.


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Oh shiiiiiiiii–


It looks like ‘Mission impossible: Fallout’ will win this weekend, which is not a surprise, but I’ve just been reminded that ‘Mamma Mia 2’ is doing fine, dropping a lot but still on course to make a ton of money for less than half what ‘MI:F’ cost.

It must be divine intervention;


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Stock in its parent company, Helios & Matheson, plummeted an eye-popping 60% on the day, closing at 80 cents a share. During the trading session, it dropped below the $1 mark for the first time since a 1-to-250 reverse stock split took effect a week ago. The split had been engineered with the express purpose of keeping the stock above $1. Briefly, it worked, and shares returned to the $20-plus level it enjoyed last fall amid optimism about its chances of being the movie-theater answer to Uber. In just five trading sessions, it has lost more than 95% of its value.

The reason the $1 mark is significant is that if the stock trades for 30 straight days below that level, it could be de-listed by the Nasdaq within a few months’ time. That would be a devastating blow to MoviePass, restricting the company’s access to capital and its maneuverability even as it adds subscribers and looks to punch above its weight.

Social media is exploding that the MoviePass app seems to be dead for most major theaters sans Landmark Theatres, one of the only prime national cinema circuits that the monthly movie ticket service has a deal with. When reached for comment, MoviePass did not returns calls and their customer service Twitter handle @MoviePass_CS hasn’t updated a response in six hours.

I think this song is appropriate:


Or we’ll all just get laughed at in 20 years when Moviepass dominates the world market with 75% in China. :smile:


It’s a harder movie to sell so I imagine it will get a response similar to the first Captain America. A introduction to the character. I think Brie Larson is a very good actress but she hasn’t shown the charisma of Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson and Captain Marvel is not really Marvel’s Wonder Woman.

In fact she’s more like Marvel’s Green Lantern, so that’s something to watch out for.


‘Green Lantern’ was a bit of a perfect storm of bad approach and timing. It also lacked the support of a decade of movies that lead to it, not to mention a guaranteed series of films that will come after it.

It could still tank of course, but if Marvel would take my money now, I’d invest in this movie.


Captain Marvel was also the stinger for Infinity War and gets to be the lead in to Avengers 4 while also being the first female lead Marvel movie. Those things shouldn’t be discounted. Will that be enough to push it to $1 billion? I’m not sure, but it’s got a better shot than a lot of movies.


When is the first trailer for Captain Marvel coming? I thought it was obvious from the first trailer that Black Panther was going to be a slam dunk.


It’s usually about six months before release I think.


Then again:

Business Insider reported the latest update tonight for the $9.99/a month-all-you-can-see movie subscription program after MoviePass boss Mitch Lowe held an “all-hands meeting” following today’s outage in which he announced that upcoming major movies won’t be available to subscribers in the foreseeable future as the service desperately tries to regain its financial footing. Tracking has Disney’s Christopher Robin opening in the low $30M range this weekend (not so big by summer box office standards, but too big by MoviePass measurements) while Warner Bros. shark movie Meg is opening on Aug. 10 with a projected 3-day in the low $20Ms.

Also, Lowe’s note reads, “Bring-a-Guest and Premium Features (ie., upgrades IMAX 2D & 3D, RealD, and more) will begin rolling out soon.” How can that be when most major studio event films are available in Imax, RealD or 3D?

If you are not covering major releases, what’s the point in even having the service?


It’s already here. :wink:


They don’t have to refund current members and might make some more money from a send minded automatic renewals.


I doubt that will be enough to sustain them. I don’t see their business increasing either with this announcement.


Yeah, no MoviePass is dead. Someone just needs to call it. There service is one that claims you can watch a movie a day, but now that they’ve restricted multiple viewings and some major releases it’s actually impossible to do that. I mean, granted it was a terrible business model to begin with, but instead of just saying “hey, only 2 movies a week now” which is still a big change but also still a ridiculously good deal, they’ve but completely restricted major releases, making their service worthless. I guarantee anyone paying attention at all is probably cancelling the service right now. And if they aren’t they should be.