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Which has nothing to do with Elon Musk being enamored of Amber Heard and wanting a rival out of the way.


If the reports are true it’s mostly to do with a lot of drugs and red wine.


As someone who has always admired and respected Johnny Depp’s acting career, that Rolling Stone interview/article was tough to read.


Elon Musk is dating Grimes.


This is Miqque, I don’t think he know who Grimes is, let’s pretend it’s Lynda Carter or Marie Osmond. :smile:


I can google real good! I don’t think Musk is firing on all cylinders. Nor Depp, for that matter.


Noooooooooo not Marie Osmond??? :cry:


I saw Skyscraper last night.
The best part was the trailer for First Man.



Nothing and nobody can get in the way of Deadpool becoming a Disney princess.


I like how Comcast is “dropping out”. It’s more like they were soundly rejected AND outbid. They were never really in the running.


I’m thinking reputation has a lot to do with it. Their only business is to deliver signal. That’s it, there ain’t no more. If they cannot perform that service and lie about it, their reputation forms. All else is ephemera.

For instance, service outages occurred on weekends 9 of 11 weekends. You better believe your Miqque was on the phone. Did they say “we are sorry for the outage, may we refund some money?” No, they went down their simpleton script wanting me to get up and plug and unplug things. That simply will not do. Multiply this by all their customers. People tolerate or even like Disney. They see a Comcast van and want to blow it up. 90% of this is from what they further lie and call “customer service”.

And I bet they will not learn from this.


I have a very distinct schizoid feeling about this.

Part of me shivers at such a massive consolidation move.

The Fanboy part of me is squeeeeing at the potential re-unification of the Marvel universe. I am ashamed of the fanboy, but the fanboy doesn’t care about useless shame.


My kind of fanboy!

Fanboy don’t give a rat’s ass! Take My MONEY!

Yeah, a few of us have that trait.


I’m mostly happy for the unification of the Alien and Muppets universes.



Epic Fantasy ‘Asura’ Pulled from Chinese Theatres After Disastrous 3-Day Opening

Asura, an epic fantasy adventure billed as the most expensive Chinese movie ever made, has been pulled from release by its financiers after just three days in theatres in the face of critical audience response and a meager $7.1 million box office take, according to a simple announcement made on the film’s official Weibo account. The $113 million production, based on ancient Buddhist mythology, is about a young shepherd’s quest to save Asura, the godly dimension of pure desire, from a potential coup launched in a lower heavenly kingdom.

According to the South China Morning Post, the film’s main producers, Jack Ma’s Alibaba Pictures, Zhenjian Film Studio and Ningxia Film Group, together stated they wanted to extend their “deepest apologies to viewers who did not get a chance to watch the film, as well as to all the Chinese and international participants who were involved in its production over the past six years.”

The VFX-heavy film, which reportedly took six years to produce, including 15 months of post-production in the U.S., starred Carina Lau Kar-ling, Tony Leung Ka-fai and teen idol Wu Lei. The film marks the directorial debut of former stunt coordinator Peng Zhang (Rush Hour 3), with Charlie Iturriaga (Deadpool, Furious 7) supervising the visual effects.

While reasons for the film’s poor showing are up for debate, the most interesting culprit is the one the film’s backers have put forward: sabotage. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Asura producers are now alleging the film’s opening was victimized by an aggressive “water army” attack, where ghostwriters are hired to flood social media sites with fake negative reviews. They claim they discovered a large number of 1/10 reviews posted via fake accounts on Maoyan, the Tencent-backed mobile ticketing app, and in a social media post, questioned the platform’s integrity and said, “Whoever is behind this is dirty, stupid and ridiculous.”

While the Chinese entertainment industry debates the actual influence of such disputed social platform trolling, the actual reason for the film’s quick demise might be something much simpler: tough competition. Audiences vote with their wallets, and two other critically acclaimed films, the holdover box office champ Dying to Survive, which added $69 million for an 11-day cume of $366 million, and new release Hidden Men, which grossed $46.2 million in its opening weekend, generated big numbers by comparison.

The trailer;


It looks pretty good. I mean, it’s impossible to know how good the story is from that trailer, but visually it’s the equal of anything else in the genre.


I have no way to judge whether it’s any good from that. As you say, the production value is there. Some of the designs don’t look right to me, but I didn’t grow up in China so I may not be getting their cultural heritage or influences.

But a boy from a poor background going on a magical adventure has been an archetypal story for thousands of years. I can’t see why this one wouldn’t work?


Some point over the weekend heard somebody on TV (sorry about no definitive source) saying it was the audiences that scorned Asura and stayed away in droves, calling it (IIRC) “Childish, superficial and much worse than A Wrinkle In Time”. There was a 7 in there, too. Seven million in B.O.? Seven people showed up? I dunno, it was bad.