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I think if Marvel had made the connectivity aspect the main point, they might have problems but they haven’t. Their primary aim on each film is a good two hours of entertainment. The connections, guest appearances etc follow after that.

At this point, the audience knows, if they go see a Marvel Studios movie, they’ll more than likely get a solid piece of entertaining fun. Everything after that are neat extras.


Not surprised to see generic action movie staring Dwayne Johnson isn’t doing so well. Even the title is as generic as it gets. I’m sure it’ll do fine internationally, but nothing about it looked remotely memorable. In fact, despite having seen plenty of ads for it, I didn’t even realize it was released this week. I just zoned out every time a commercial for it came on.



I’m sort of disappointed that IW seems to have stopped 20mil short of dethroning TFA… I mean, I don’t care if Disney makes more money, but I kinda wanted SW to go doooown =P


It’ll do it in re-release next year.


I struggled to see it making it up at this late stage but Marvel can re-release before the next Avengers. The Titanic numbers have a big chunk from two re-releases.


yeah but TFA could also get a re-release before IX I suppose…


Black Panther is currently stuck at $699,900,993 in North America. Who is going to pony up that last 100k?

In other Marvel news, I’m starting to think Ant-Man and the Wasp won’t make 2 billion.


It could but there’s less logic to it as the movie before last. They’d need some gimmick, Titanic did use a 3D release.


They tried that with the SW prequels too, but stopped after Episode One.


Oh, that’s what happened there? Remember it being talked of, but not where it went next. Turns out there was no “next”.


Clearly Disney wants that nice round $700M, but it’s starting to look like it’s not going to happen without some kind of later rerelease.


It made $15k this weekend, which isn’t too bad considering it came out in February, the DVD is out, and it’s basically just showing at dollar theaters and drive-ins now, but that won’t quite get them there.

It is Marvel’s biggest success in North America, for now. Maybe Infinity 2 will beat it.


Pretty sure that the sale to Disney nixed the 3D releases.


Did it do well in Africa? I was wondering about that. Basically the movie portrays a Western fairy tale version of Africa, not the real thing. It could just as easily have been seen as insulting.

There was something iffy about the accents too I think. T’Challa himself sounded like Mandela whereas others sounded like a stereotypical Hollywood African accent. “How should I talk?” “Oh just make it sound African.”


The film is a very American view of things, definitely, but the short version is that Africa has embraced the movie;


Yes in addition to Steve’s piece there were several stories recounting how it had broken various box office records in a few African countries.

In Africa, “Black Panther” set records with the biggest opening weekend of all time in both East Africa and West Africa. In South Africa, it was the highest grossing Saturday ever in industry history.


I expect that’s due to the boycott because they didn’t cast a one-legged actor.


Yes they did. The Rock has always had one leg. Just look at his wrestling videos.


Johnny Depp has reached an agreement with his ex-financial managers to avoid the public airing of their dirty laundry.

But this comes after Rolling Stone ran a long article on him and the situation;

So a lot of laundry has already fallen out of the hamper there.