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Certainly, that was a part of it. However, I don’t think post-apocalyptic would necessarily be the only way to go. It’s one direction, but a world dealing with these dinosaurs and the environmental and social impact they have would be interesting.

I mean, that would be an interesting world setting for a lot of stories.


It’s a beautiful movie. I’m not big into heist movies, or movies without copious explosions, but I enjoyed it very much. I kind of want to see it again. Which, considering I go movies for pure kick splode, is significant for me.


I would watch a post apocalyptic movie world over-run by dinosaurs, it would be as much fun as aliens, zombies and weird guys with bad, punk hair cuts, but a bit fresher.

The ‘Jurassic’ series isn’t that though, and I don’t see it becoming that.

So I agree we’re in for something more like ‘Primeval’ without the time travel.


She was amazing in the OJ Simpson American Crime Story.


I swear for years I confused her with the teacher from Matilda.


Pam Ferris?


Brad Bird returns to write and direct Incredibles 2 14 years after the original film hit theaters. It is tracking for a $140-million plus debut in North America, which would be the top opening for an animated movie, passing Finding Dory’s $135 million bow two years ago.

Yeah, I think this movie is going to do ok.



Now for the limited cinema re-realease run just before Avengers 4.


I was wrong about Infinity War and the 2 billion dollar mark.

In my defense I was right that it won’t beat Black Panther in North America.


Weirdly, as of last weekend it’s outpacing it. At this point in its run, BP had $651M, IW has $655M.


Yeah but if you compare that to their opening weekends you can see where this is trending.


Well now it’s within spitting distance of TFA… let’s see if IW can take it down =P


I was right about it topping 2B. I rarely get to say that, so I’m taking the opportunity now.


What are you saying?


That I was right?


Sorry can you clarify?


Incredibles 2 made $71M opening day:

Ignoring inflation, that’s more than the first movie made opening weekend.


As badly as Solo was timed, so I2 got the benefit of being well timed. Barely any competition, school’s out, it’s hot or hot and wet, so inside in a/c is a benefit, lots of soccer on TV (which will drive Americans outdoors) and it has the widest appeal of any film for a goodly while - so, family time!


Possibly puts it above the $140 million projections. I expect Sunday will be big for it with it being Father’s day. It’ll help Disney forget the bomb that was Solo. Because clearly they’ve been having a rough year at the box office…:rofl: