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It seems like the Ant-Man case is even more complex than that as it also involves Incredibles 2 being released late in the UK to coincide with the school holidays, and Disney moving Ant-Man far enough away from that that they won’t cannibalise the same audience.


Well I’d take The Incredibles over Ant-Man any day, so that’s a smart move, Disney.


So far the best line in any of the reviews I’ve seen has been:

“When Jeff Goldblum and James Cromwell are the weakest part of your movie, you’re probably doing alright.”



I’ll have my non prize now.

I’d like to thank my, mother, my father, Baloo, and Primark for stocking so much Marvel clothing that I feel almost like a king walking amongst the peasants who don’t even know who Beta Ray Bill is. This is for you, Bill.


Aaaand of course now it’ll only do 1 999 999 999.99 :smile:

No but yeah, I thought it’d do less than 2 'cause of the bummer ending… but before watching it and knowing about the ending I didn’t think 2B was unreachable. It’d be fun if IW kicks SW to #4 =P

I think it’s fair to say that given this one’s result, the next one will break 2 as well. It might even dethrone Titanic…


Only for iPhones :wink:


Ah. Forgot about those. Never saw the point in that, I guess…


You don’t know the power of Darth Apple…


Ocean’s 8 opened at $41.5M, about the same level as Twelve and Thirteen, on a lower budget:

It doesn’t come out here for another week, but the reaction I’ve seen is mostly that the cast and concept are great, but that Gary Ross is a mediocre director. I’ll definitely go see it.


Infinity War is currently listed at $1.998 billion. Not sure it has enough gas left to overtake TFA worldwide total, but it’s still a hell of feat to be the 4th movie to cross that $2 billion mark.


That movie certainly does have a great cast. I am happy it includes Sara Paulson; she was great in “Studio 60” and in “American Horror Story”.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opened to $20M in the UK/Ireland, compared to $30M for the last movie. That movie made $100M over here, it’ll be interesting to see how the sequel holds up with pretty much nothing but the World Cup as competition for a month.


My expectation is Fallen Kingdom will significantly under-perform when compared to the first one. I could be wrong, but my feeling is that Jurassic World tapped into the same kind of nostalgia that The Force Awakens did by basically remaking the first movie. I’m not sure the sequel will be offered the same goodwill and that people might be looking for something more from it. Early tracking has it at around $150 million opening weekend domestically, which would actually be a pretty big drop off from Jurassic World.


It’s an expectation many share, the first film’s massive success was quite a surprise. It would be hard to hit those heights again but either way of course could be a very healthy pay day for the studio.


I think the first Jurassic World film also benefited from being the first Chris Pratt film since LEGO and Guardians, and people were excited for a new one—I think his drawing power at that time was strong, and it’s since dimmed.


Yup. Hard times for the Howard Family.

Shall we make them a casserole or summat?


It honestly feels like the movie must have already made a profit just from product placement and various promotions. I’ve haven’t seen a clip of the movie yet that hasn’t included some sort of advert with it as part of the clip.


The Jurassic World/Park movies don’t need to be particularlygood. People just want to see dinosaurs chasing and eating people.

I think, for the franchise to move forward, they should ditch the amusement park concept entirely and have the dinosaurs take back the world, and it turns into a post-apocalyptic “Dead” survival thing with dinosaurs instead of zombies. Malcolm foreshadowed this in the first movie.


Certainly, that was a part of it. However, I don’t think post-apocalyptic would necessarily be the only way to go. It’s one direction, but a world dealing with these dinosaurs and the environmental and social impact they have would be interesting.

I mean, that would be an interesting world setting for a lot of stories.