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The reviews are out in 30 minutes, so we’ll see what the reaction is. I liked Bayona’s other films, so I hope it’s good, but it’s still Trevorrow writing.

Releasing it internationally two weeks before the US is an interesting strategy; if it’s good it could build up buzz for the US release like with the Marvel movies.


I think Incredibles 2 will do really well, the first one has had a long life on home media and there are kids who love it today that weren’t even born when it came out. They’ll want to see it and their parents will want to take them (because they love the original too). The love for that film goes a long way outside boards like this I think.

Jurassic World 2 I think will do quite a bit less than the first one, for older viewers the novelty factor of seeing that franchise resurrected has gone now, and it wasn’t a good enough movie to give casual viewers a real reason to come back for more.


Starting to think that, other than Marvel, the box office is out of mojo.



I forgot Finding Dory did so well, I was mostly thinking about the last Cars and Monsters Inc movies in guessing for Incredibles.

I kind of love the Jurassic Park series. I think that might put me on a bit of an island on this board. World wasn’t very good however.


Kind of insane that everyone set US$2 billion as this crazy best-case-scenario unreachable target for Infinity War, and it’s actually going to make it.


You never got the appeal of dinosaurs?


It’s be quite something for either movie to do as well as the first one, and I’m not sure either will make it.

I think that’s just because there was so much more to complain about. TFA got ribbed for the entire Death Star sequence. Had TLJ been better they’d be more focus on how much it’s like Empire. But it’s hard to get past what they did to Luke, how Finn and Poe were essentially useless for the entire movie and how none of the big questions from the first movie had decent resolution.


Caught the end of whatever that last Jurassic thing was that was on broadcast this w/e. It really did look awful. One reason I liked the first one so much was that it was basically peaceful big huge vegans with the occasional predator(s). That’s kind of the childhood scenario with dinosaurs. Sort of like childhood, playing happily until the big predator (parent) comes along to disrupt fun in the swamp. Get too many predators, all of a sudden you’re the kid at an adult party, and the fun ends.


I did, loved them as a kid like most boys do, but a couple of years before Jurassic Park the BBC did a documentary called Walking with Dinosaurs that was mainly using CGI to bring them to life, which was amazing. Jurassic Park seemed to do that with a borrowed plot from Westworld. I found it very bland and the last thing I would ever want to watch from the Spielberg back catalogue.

Tintin is really good and funny even though no fucker watched it.

It may just have been my age and mood, I don’t really like any 90s blockbuster films at all. I can’t think of one I’d want to watch again (in the family films section that is, there are quite a few R rated ones I cherish). It’s a lost decade for me of charmless nonsense obsessed with special effects above character and story.


‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ was 1999, six year after ‘Jurassic Park’. It was directly inspired by the film, but more seriously educational, and enabled by the rapid development of CGI since the movie (which broke new ground).

The VFX company that did it was London based, and went on to make quite a few more, and the TV series ‘Primeval’.

But it’s hard to keep track of this stuff. :wink:


Ha ha, I am very guilty of timey wimey on that one then. Anyway, I never liked it. :smile:


Yesterday I looked at how full the midnight screening was in an IMAX cinema. Maybe twenty seats full? Obviously the screening is only tonight, but it gives the impression that there’s not too much anticipation for this one. I’ve booked my ticket for Saturday in IMAX and it was almost empty. If I’d waited this late for The Last Jedi or Infinity War, I would have been in the crap seats.



(I agree with you on Tintin though, that’s bloody great.)


Wasn’t that part of moving big movie releases to before or after the World Cup? Like why we’re going to get Ant-Man 2 a month after the US?


If the latest Jurassic movie brings their box office back to a grim reality no-one will ever truly understand why Jurassic World did so well. It’s a black swan movie.


It probably is. As I have a good pal that runs a small cinema chain as much as it pisses off non sporting fans (and he has no interest at all, he’s a very gay chair of the UK Abba fan club) it is the right call. If there’s a big game with your home team nobody is going to the pictures.

Sometimes it benefits European cinemas in getting stuff early, in the Ant-Man case late.


Can’t they just release Ant Man & Wasp in Scotland on time and make England wait until after the World Cup quarter finals?


Like in real estate where everything is “location, location, location”; I think when it comes to movies, particularly, everything is “timing, timing, timing”. A movie can be in the can for a year, a producer does something awful, it affects that film and all nearby releases. Hundreds and thousands of factors, mostly being what is the zeitgeist at the moment of film release? Does this make a poor film viable and a good film tank? Does it build on the success of recent film(s) or is diminished by them? What’s the weather like outside? How’s the economy? Any major tragedies this week? What the hell did the Big Evil Carrot say today? Timing.

Timing is critical.


It’ll be a factor for some, yes. If that final destination works for someone then it’s not a problem, but a benefit but it cuts both ways.

Which worked brilliantly for Logan, but Logan ain’t SW!

I’m not going to say he can’t do it, but I really can’t see how.

Nah, Elite Porg Warriors.

It might very well be the case but most SW fans are not as forgiving as I am.

Krennic is great, but if you want to see him as lead bad guy, take a look at the Catalyst book - quite effectively changes the opening scenes of the film too.

Oh they are. As soon as they bought it, they rebooted it. (And by the time they did that? The previous one couldn’t have really been kept going anyway.)