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Ooooh, just like Top Gear.


No, Top Gear is set against the backdrop of the decline of Top Gear.


My 9-year-old son has a thousand Matchbox cars, plays with them all the time, and is obsessed with cars to a degree I can’t relate at all. I recently took him to Cars 3 and I’ll never forget his face after when he looked up at me and said, “Dad, why did you take me to such a shit movie?”


He has good taste.

It was more boring than Cars 2.


Tell that the the boys from the Longbridge Plant. Too soon, Dave. Too soon.


Yeah, nine is probably a bit old for the Cars stuff I think.

But to be fair, my boy (and my 6-year old daughter) both had the same reaction to Cars 3 too. It’s not a good movie.

Coming back to Gar’s initial point, I think it demonstrates that they can keep shifting merchandise no matter how bad the movies are.

(Given that, it’s particularly grating that a plot point in Cars 3 revolves around the owner of a car company trying to cynically shift a load of Lightning McQueen merchandise.)


To be clear I was just kidding he didn’t actually say that. He did not like the movie, however.


Aye, much like the first it’s a big ol’ nostalgia trip for the execs. Lassiter being a huge car/racing nut.

But for kids…only 2 actually tried to be somewhat exciting and not overriden with sepia.


Will your son even know a UK automotive industry existed?

My nephews (4 and 3) really enjoyed it.


Bah, when I were a lad we had to make up our own personalities for our Matchbox cars!


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They had cars back then?


Well when I say “cars” I mean “roundish stones that roll along a bit if you push them”. But we were happy!


In Ecuador this is what we mean by CARS


Kind how we glommed on to KITT when we were kids. :slight_smile:


Finn already has 4 CARS toys, and I don’t know anything about the movie. It’s like the just appear in your home when you have a kid. Disney are amazing at what they do - Mickey Mouse was one of the first characters was able to name. Dada, Mama, Papa, Gaga and then came Mickey. It’s like Disney can worm their way into an infants brain and program them to be lifelong fans.


Yup same here, we’d never seen the film and somehow Rhydian ended up with several toys and items of clothing with the Cars branding.




Can someone check on Ronnie? I think he’s having a seizure. :worried: