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Yeah and I think salaries are a huge issue with the models they operate. Marvel were initially renowned for being cheap but as each becomes a hit the actors will naturally just ask for more so RDJ is now the highest paid actor in Hollywood.
Then add in bigger casts like in Avengers and Civil War and that multiplies again.


I don’t know if that applies to any of the actors beyond RDJ. Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Evans, Pratt and so on are probably on smaller salaries. I’m pretty sure Disney sets a 3-4 picture rate. Only RDJ commands ridiculous salaries as that was the deal when they agreed on Iron Man.


Probably but since they are using those guys it will add up. For Infinity War there are a few past the 3 picture deal and the quicker they put them out the quicker they burn through them. Paul Rudd will be into his fourth film next year.

Edit to say, they are all on lower than RDJ, someone did the rates the other day but it all adds up.


What they really need is a Spider-Gwen movie.


Sequels also cost a lot because they don’t re-use all the much. The old way of working involved a lot of recycling (although it wasn’t called that). Props and costumes would be stored and re-used on multiple productions, whether sequels or not.

But now, each film sees a redesign of the costumes, new props, new sets and locations. Even when films revisit places they’re often rebuilt from scratch because the old set was torn down to make way for the next film to need the studio space.

It takes a real commitment, something like a Harry Potter series, to build sets and props to last. On most films they’re thrown away before the paint has time to dry.


Yes and Potter was quite unique because they knew they had to churn them out at some pace. If they’d followed the traditional 3-4 year gap for a sequel typical in the 80s and 90s the ages would have been unbelievable.
That series has changed blockbuster forever in their scheduling.


As well, I would imagine all of them would be advised to not push for bigger salaries by their agents. A combination of guaranteed earning for as long a time as possible and not making enemies of studios and fans by making things difficult over pay disputes mean the smartest move is to take what you are given.


According to that leak I mentioned for Age of Ultron the salaries of the 6 main characters ate up around $80m of the budget. $60m going to Downey and Johanssen.


I’m certain it will.

The merch is popular despite the films.


It’s always been like that, the Cars films are some of the poorest box office performers from Pixar. They still sell loads of t-shirts, bedding, lunch boxes etc. You don’t see any ‘UP’ merch which outperformed all of the Cars films.


You say that, but I’ve seen hundreds of kids walking around with balloons.


Yes, with Lightning McQueen on them! :wink:



I don’t think anybody actually likes the Cars merchandise, it’s all gifts because everyone assumes everyone else likes it. When our son was born we got a ton of Cars stuff gifted to us. We politely sent thank you cards to everyone and then donated the stuff to a Christmas charity for kids who are not as well off.


Nah, my son loves it and has spent plenty of his pocket money on the toys, particularly the die-cast car models.

I do think it all skews fairly young though (he’s 4).


I know a handful of kids including my nephews who love it. They’re like Matchbox cars with personalities.


It’s funny, my son has never yet got into the dolls/action figure type of play, but in his stories he uses toy cars as people and has them doing all the things that kids do with more humanoid figures (including fairly dull household stuff). I think that’s why the idea of character-cars really appeals to him.

(And why he loves Transformers!)


My sister’s oldest is the same age as your son. He had a Cars themed birthday party this year and had a range of characters that he insisted all had to be on the cake.


I like to harbor the notion that your son is going to a famous film director some day and will reboot the Cars franchise in the vein of Mike Leigh, with David Thewlis as Lightning McQueen.


It will be set against the backdrop of the decline of the UK automotive industry.