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BOOM's project!


Also wrote a 10-page story about Dragons and Mummy’s for a Brazilian Anthology and just got the layouts in! Always a thrill!!






thanks Jose!




I actually accidentally hit the LAUNCH button a few days ago,… and within 9 hrs I had enough funding :slight_smile: for the project to be finished (colors) and printed!!

And now? I have enough to actually plan the next issues, make sure neat stretch goals are set up and hopefully unlocked!!!



SUPER artists involved for this #1 ???

Variant cover by Eric EBAS Basaldua, prints by Juan Jose Ryp, Budd Root, Greg Capullo, Adam Brown!!!

So far the UNLOCKED Stretch Goals are these:

Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card #1 by Juan José Ryp
Unlocked: Cosplay Variant Cover by cosplayer Lucid Belle
Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card#2 by Eric Basaldua
Unlocked: Postcards Halloween, Xmas and Mummy Day with art by Adam Brown
Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card#3 by Budd Root (colors by Apriyadi Kusbiantoro)
Unlocked: Commemorative PLASTIC Trading Card #4 by Yonami
Unlocked: Sisterhood Logo Stickers
Unlocked: Cardstock Cover Upgrade with UV-spot on Cosplay Cover

I cannot show you yet, but a mockup? sure!


Might be fun to actually show both covers for this PG13 comic! This is NOT XXX :slight_smile:

And make sure to check the Kickstarter

I know it has been a long wait, but I feel this is the time!!



It is a blast!!! Another stretch goal smashed so a memorabelia coin will be up for grabs! Or free I mean :slight_smile:
LOVE handing out these kinda freebies! Am a sucker for trading cards and stuff like this myself :slight_smile:

Tomorrow the project will be all over but tomorrow… will also be the Cosplay Cover Photoshoot with not 1 but 2 ladies!

Here they are already selfie-testing out their outfits eagerly!!

Also some new pages came in today, all colored up!

Also decided on the bookmark design




And cause I still have to wait on the funds from Kickstarter and cause loads of folks are waiting for Xmas to end: INDIEGOGO >

A listing of freebies

And I just had the COSPLAY COVER Photoshoot!!


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Now 411% funded and still going strong!!

Come check out Mummies, Mayhem and Adventure!

Check out what just came in! The prints!!!

O yeah and a few bookmarks as well :slight_smile:

And the COSPLAY COVER has been finalized, although the interior front and back cover will also be featering more art from the Photoshoot AND it will be a Cardboard UV-spot cover!!

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since I added the “second chance” via Indemand here at Indiegogo as well as launched a mini-project in celebration of the MAKE 100 Kickstarter celebration, the ticker kept on ticking and just got over the 9.000 euro threshold so now everyone will get the free METAL COSPLAY TRADING CARD as well !!

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I am so very pleased how this first attempt at crowdsourcing is going, so I am stepping it up a notch and will vouch to make a donation to HERO INITIATIVE and if we reach STRETCH GOAL #1 at the MAKE 100 Project then it will even be 50% of all profits.

And to be completely bonkers , I vouch to DOUBLE the orders at MAKE 100 for FREE if I reach Stretch Goal #2.

And yes, you will also get all the freebies from Kickstarter for Sisterhood #1 as well as the “2d Chance” running project at Indiegogo, for which you can also still apply/pledge. Just check out the pledges there and make sure to double back for the Original Art Option this week!!

Reimbursing shipping costs is part of the deal, but if you forego this option, then I will make sure the donation to Hero Initiative will be extra.


I have been seeing folks like the master of horror, Dan Brereton ( get his Hero Initiative NOCTURNALS book here ), contributing to this cause and it struck my heart every time. And I vowed that if I could do something for this organization, I would!

So in the past I have made sure some artists (eg Boo Cook) at the FACTS-convention in Belgium would have a jar for donations.

So with the “Kickstarter Make 100” option, it would only make logic to do this, especially since this 100-project will piggyback on the last project.

I promise to reimburse you the shipping costs if you want -as said above- but feel free to forego this, so I can give more to Hero Initiative. Your choice. No judgement.


"The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. Since inception, the Hero Initiative has been fortunate enough to benefit more than 50 creators and their families with over $950,000 worth of much-needed aid, fueled by your contributions! It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment. " Source and click to read more.

Folks like Mark Waid, Stan Lee (RIP), Howard Chaykin, Brian Pulido, Joe Quasada, John Romita, George Pèrez and more have been a huge part of this organization and are an inspiration as well as great folks all around.

Help Comic Folks in Need!

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4000 trading cards just came in!!



Rounding out my freebies today, by receiving 1500 postcards!
Still want in on all the freebies?
Hop on board at




almost over and done with the Crowdsourcing for my first project SISTERHOOD on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Already making plans for 2019



Sisterhood Update: Le Sigh and Les Couleurs

And here I was thinking everything was almost done :slight_smile:

Guess the joke is on me, right?

The colorist is working day and night, he currently is doing 3 jobs simultaneously, being Heavy Metal (as seen on Bleeding Cool), an Aliens Upperdeck Booster Pack and … Sisterhood.

The man has slept only one night in the last 8 days, has 19 Alien-pieces to be colored before tomorrow and then, 5 pages for Heavy Metal, due before Friday afternoon.

YES I did have this idea to have the book in your hands already, since I thought “only the coloring is left” and that joke indeed is on me. For my next project I will know better, that is for sure. Setting a deadline too tight is not something I want to repeat!

Does this mean there is nothing to show yet? But of course!

Almost all pages will be flatted by the weekend so - once Kevin Enhart grabs some ZZZZzzzZZZ - he can get back on track on Monday!

A few pages in FLAT stages, so Kevin Enhart can pick it up with a faster pace!

And while Delfine Siobhán Kanashii is working on the flats, I am still working on a deal with a fullfilment partner, in the hopes that it will be a solution to USA-international-Shipping-Costs.

And then there is this artist-friend who I want to help get his creator-owned projects out in the world… so a little teaser might be in order! In closing, again SORRY FOR THE DELAY, but it will be worth the while!

Boom out!



That looks amazing!