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BOOM's project!


Also wrote a 10-page story about Dragons and Mummy’s for a Brazilian Anthology and just got the layouts in! Always a thrill!!




thanks Jose!



I actually accidentally hit the LAUNCH button a few days ago,… and within 9 hrs I had enough funding :slight_smile: for the project to be finished (colors) and printed!!

And now? I have enough to actually plan the next issues, make sure neat stretch goals are set up and hopefully unlocked!!!


SUPER artists involved for this #1 ???

Variant cover by Eric EBAS Basaldua, prints by Juan Jose Ryp, Budd Root, Greg Capullo, Adam Brown!!!

So far the UNLOCKED Stretch Goals are these:

Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card #1 by Juan José Ryp
Unlocked: Cosplay Variant Cover by cosplayer Lucid Belle
Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card#2 by Eric Basaldua
Unlocked: Postcards Halloween, Xmas and Mummy Day with art by Adam Brown
Unlocked: Commemorative Trading Card#3 by Budd Root (colors by Apriyadi Kusbiantoro)
Unlocked: Commemorative PLASTIC Trading Card #4 by Yonami
Unlocked: Sisterhood Logo Stickers
Unlocked: Cardstock Cover Upgrade with UV-spot on Cosplay Cover

I cannot show you yet, but a mockup? sure!


Might be fun to actually show both covers for this PG13 comic! This is NOT XXX :slight_smile:

And make sure to check the Kickstarter

I know it has been a long wait, but I feel this is the time!!


It is a blast!!! Another stretch goal smashed so a memorabelia coin will be up for grabs! Or free I mean :slight_smile:
LOVE handing out these kinda freebies! Am a sucker for trading cards and stuff like this myself :slight_smile:

Tomorrow the project will be all over but tomorrow… will also be the Cosplay Cover Photoshoot with not 1 but 2 ladies!

Here they are already selfie-testing out their outfits eagerly!!

Also some new pages came in today, all colored up!

Also decided on the bookmark design