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BOOM's project!


Well… working on my own comic with a nice collaboration of artists and writers and things seem to be moving along nicely!

Got a couple of scripts written, 3 crossovers planned, and one issue with short stories is almost finished even.

But I get real excited to see this first colored page of my #1 32-pager!!

Planning the Kickstarter next, but here is already the cover!


Very nice art. Good luck with the kickstarter.


thanks David! I sure do try to make it work soon!!

Here is another page from a scene in #3

and each story has his own artist!

And here a cover-image from Eric Basaldua


Art it beautiful…bit raunchy


Wow, it looks really good! Lots of work in these pages… Good luck!!


raunchy is good? Am from Holland myself so is this slang or… :slight_smile:


Raunchy… it means “sexy”. Which will be good for some people and not for others :wink:


aha! That makes it not really an insult at all :smile:
Overall this comic will be like Charlie’s Angels mixed with Supernatural mixed with Indiana Jones, so the sexiness is in the characters (well… they are women, but so are Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Dazzler, Rogue etc) and not in the posing/poses.

So I think I am safe :slight_smile:


Charlie’s Angels in a supernatural setting is a cool idea. Throw in some Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft!


actually a bit of Asimov as well :smile: in #3

Lovecraft in #4 and Howard might be seen in #5 :smile:


No insult at all, buddy :wink:


Just got permission from Frank Cho (a sketch, which was inked by Alfredo Reyes) and Juan José Ryp to use their gifts as well. Cannot wait to get these colored!!



OK… just got the carepackage delivered at home!!

And just got permission to use the GREG CAPULLO piece as well!!

PS this is totally a mockup and not really designed yet :smile:


Hey Richard.

I’d totally be game to do a story in that anthology!

Hit me up:

Here’s a quick sample of my work:


Hi man,

Would love to! I will email you!

I kinda had to put this on hold for a while due to some personal (unemployment) issues but am heading to a new start any day now!!

Monte M Moore has just told me that he was going to start coloring this one!!
Would be a very cool cover!

And MIKE KROME has done some amazing pieces as well

and the amazing CECI DE LA CRUZ is coloring pages to #1 now, which I can show with the ART BOOK KICKSTARTER I am planning!


Been a while since last I updated this, but had something to do with being unemployed and the folks handing out my benefits did not really like me doing this on the side :slight_smile:
Anyway… #1 is being colored and lettered, so that is still happening.

Kickstarter for the Art Book will most likely start in January 2017 (after the Xmas season) and I did get this statue made (Vincenco Cucca) in the meantime… hopefully an extra Stretch Goal since it ROCKS :slight_smile:

PS this is a base model… still needs to get into PVC-production and coloring.


Thats pretty freaking awesome! It’s like something I wouldve seen on a Heavy Metal album as a kid.


thanks :slight_smile:
With first an Art Book, then a statue and a comic book series, I sure hope to have lots of fun with it!

Now to look for a publisher :smiley:

Heavy Metal… good idea!!



To be honest I am lacking updates mostly because I am scared as SHIT to get on Kickstarter :slight_smile:

So am still preppring… asking around for shipping and printing… and getting some amazing shite in!!

This is the colored version (Sean Ellery) of the RYP commission.