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Books you want collected / back in print


Self explanatory title. Are there any comics out there that haven’t been collected or are out of print that you want to read but haven’t been able to track down (or are reluctant to pay over the odds for)? Off the top of my head I can think of two off the top of my head.

I’d love to read Ian Edgington and D’Isreali’s Scarlet Traces books - their sequels to HG Wells’s War of the Worlds but these seem to be out of print now. There do seem to be preowned copies floating about out there so I guess I’ll probably pick up a copy but I would rather have a pristine copy for my collection.

Second is more of a curiosity thing. I want to read Mark and Grant Morrison’s Big Dave story from the pages of 2000AD. Mark and Grant’s work is pretty divisive in the 2000AD community and I’d really just want to see what the fuss is about. Alas, I don’t think this’ll happen any time soon (if at all). There is the option of tracking down the original issues but the hassle involved outweighs how curious I am about it.


The last few years have been pretty good to comics readers in this respect - Flex Mentallo, Miracleman and Zenith were all seen as holy grails of never-to-be-reprinted books and yet we’ve seen new editions of all of them (hurry up with that Miracleman omnibus though, Marvel!).

Millar’s Swamp Thing is another run that should have been collected long before now (DC have just started releasing TPBs).

I actually have the Big Dave progs in my to-read stack as I tracked them down a while back but haven’t got around to reading it yet.

Another good pick is The New Adventures Of Hitler by Grant Morrison from Crisis, which is a weird but fun little yarn that holds up pretty well.

Alan Moore’s 1963 is a fun book that deserves a bigger audience but has been held back from a collected edition due to the creators not agreeing over terms, I think (plus, it’s incomplete as the annual was never released).


I really want that Frank Miller Daredevil stpry where Matt is grieving. I can’t quite remember name right now but it looks like an artistic tour-de-force.


For ages I wanted the rest of The Nam collected (30 out of 84 issues have been) but having since read the rest of it, I’d settle for just the next 14 or so.

I’d also really like to see the rest of Thunderbolts and Resurrection Man collected. Oh and New Warriors and Quasar. Marvel is really bad at printed a few volumes of old material and then not bothering with the rest.


Do you mean Elektra Lives Again?


Volume 14 of the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives is waaaaayyyyy overdue.

There are a few gaps in my Legion collection, and vols 14 and 15 should plug them I think.


I thought the Archives had been quietly dropped by DC?


My nostalgia gene would like to see some trades of some of the comics I read in the 80’s - a nice Action Force collection, Storm Force, Computer Warrior, Doomlord - that kind of thing. Like they did for Charleys War and Johnny Red.


Ann Nocenti’s Daredevil run is mostly un-reprinted, but thankfully that’s going to be remedied soon through Marvel’s Epic line of TPBs.

In fact, there’s a lot of Daredevil stuff that I’m looking forward to seeing collected via that route.


The Marvel Epic Groo run.
I know Dark Horse does those trades…

But a proper omnibus would be incredible


It certainly looks that way. But I can hope.


Can I mention the old Hands of Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu series?

Yeah. I know that they can’t reprint it because of rights issues. Which is a shame.


i reckon there’s a market for this. The existing ones seem to be in inexpensive but nicer than standard TPBs editions which would appeal to those on nostalgia kicks and those curious of the “history” of British comics. I’m not familiar with all the titles on that list Jim but I think past war titles seem to be the most commonly published (I guess due to the fact theres a timelessness to historical comics) and I wonder if something with a title like “Computer Warrior” might be a bit too dated to be viably republished today (that’s just going on the title mind you,I know nothing of the book itself!).


DC Thompson do thick pretty cheap hardbacks with their Commando stories that seem to do well. I think that would suit the old Eagle material (much of which was written by Wagner and Grant). Charley’s War has a certain gravitas as a ground breaking book that I think prompted the nice editions.


On the subject of Johnny Red, do you guys know Ennis has a Johnny Red mini coming out in a couple of months? Think it’s Titan who are publishing it.


2000AD would have to acquire a set of steel balls and armour for the PR crapstorm that would maybe arise around a trade of Big Dave.

Or… They just slip it quietly out and act innocent when the Daily Mail ‘stmble’ over it…


I’ve got a few collected editions of old Brit comics from Hibernia including a Doomlord volume -

@Bruce, before Gosh moved they had quite a few copies of those Scarlet Traces books, not sure if they still do, they don’t have anything online. If I go in, I’ll have a look for you.


If it’s not too out of your way I’d appreciate that @James.


I’m not really interested in anything for nostalgia’s sake but I’d love it if DC reprinted Milligan’s whole Shade the Changing Man run as I’ve only read maybe 25% of it. They will occasionally print the first arc or two in trade form, perhaps just as a test balloon to gauge interest, but that’s it.

Come to think of it I’d just love a Vertigo Unlimited app like the Marvel one.


All 70 issues of Shade, the Changing Man are on Comixology for £1.49 a pop if you’re interested.