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Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)


I really think this deserved its own thread. Many of you anime watchers may be familiarized with this title, but here’s the rundown for those who may not:

A manga series written and drawn by Horikoshi Kohei that’s been serializing in Shonen Jump since 2014. The story is set in a world where most people in the world has superpowers (called Quirks) and being a superhero is a commonly accepted and law-sanctioned profession. The main character, Midoriya Izuku dreams of becoming a supehero like his idol, the Superman analogue All Might. But Izuku had the bad luck of being part of the minority that was born without a Quirk. But that will soon change with a fateful meeting with his idol…

The series mixes American superhero comics and the Japanese shounen (young boys) battle genre, and has all the standard tropes of it while managing to feel fresh and exciting. For people who like both things it’s a delight to see the superhero genre represented this way. It also adds a competitive sports-like quality to it that it’s present in a lot of these type of manga. It’s fun, inspiring and there’s just something extremely feel-good about it that makes you smile like a good old-fashioned superhero comic should. I think that from all the manga and anime that tried to capture the spirit of American superhero comics, this is the best one yet, and it does so in a completely sincere way, without even a bit of irony, tongue-in-cheekness or slap at the genre. It’s celebratory. I’d recommend it highly.

The manga is still running strong weekly with 136 chapters and there’s an EXCELLENT anime adaptation by Studio Bones with an already completed 13 episode first season and second one currently airing.


Great choice! I’m watching the second season and is totally kickass.