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Board games - What are you playing?


We’re a forum full of nerds and geeks (at least that’s what my wife tells me) so some on here must play board games regularly. I’m not talking about Monopoly or your bog standard games you can buy in WHSmiths. I’m talking proper games like Agricola, Shogun and Brass.

Anyway, about 6 months ago I invested heavily in Star Wars X-Wing miniatures It’s a great game that really captures one on one dogfighting. The problem is, our gaming group always has 4 or 5 people so the chance to play this, it’s a 2-player game, is limited. I’m thinking about selling the lot if I can’t find ways to get more play from it.

On another note I just bought Blood Bowl Team Manager and Stronghold. I’m going to have a read of the rules tomorrow but wondered if anyone has played either of these and what the sweet spot is player wise.


There’s a board games thread here:


Cool, didn’t spot that. Feel free to close this thread down Mods.


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