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Blast from the Past


Well, i have been lurking here for a loong time, so i would like to ask if anyone still have the link to those old contests of super-heroes/teans that we used to have here… Probably Jim has, since he made Rocket Racoon win a fight against Ultron, and I really would like to read all that nonsense again, so, can anyone help me?


I think when the old board died, those threads went with it. @Jim may still have some of strips he did as well as some of the other participants.

I may have a stray bit here and there but that’s about it.

The last incarnation of the Superhero Fighting League (SFL) was the Villain Fighting League (VFL) and I think it’s safe to say it broke ALL of us!


That´s what I thought… Thanks man. Dawn, some funny bits went with the old board.



You know, 10 years ago or wherever this was it seemed insane that Rocket could beat Ultron, but with the movie canon I think most people today would assume Rocket would have ended Age of Ultron in under 5 minutes. And he’d have taken Ultron’s head to use as potty.


Also, a sample from back in the day: