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Blade Runner 2049 SPOILER THREAD


My ticket was already sold, now it has been upgraded to one slightly closer to the screen.


I had already bought a ticket to My Little Pony: The Movie, and I just exchanged it for a Blade Runner ticket.


I can no longer call you a fellow Brony. Cast out!


Just came across this fan film…I wasn’t sure if people here had seen it before.


As some of you might know there is a somewhat famous story from this production about a scene where Ford was supposed to fake-punch Gosling, and accidentally real-punched him. They recently made the photo public and their expressions say it all:

00 PM


Damn, I’d watch that movie


Looks like a Nice Guys sequel.


I’m really looking forward to it but I’m concerned the reviewers are so effusive in their praise, the average movie goers will think they are getting something that this completely isn’t the same way Blade Runner absolutely wasn’t what people at the time thought it would be.


Must admit. Really surprised of the score on Rottentomatoes.

Now i must see it i guess.


I’ve just watched Blade Runner (Final Cut) for the first time in years, in preparation for 2049, and it’s really helped me out. I’ve been worried that I’ve been over-curmudgeonly about the quality of films over the last few years, but now I realise I’m comparing them to things like BR, and they’re simply coming up short.

The first date I had with my wife was 10th January 1980. I took her to see Alien at Cannock’s crappy cinema (strategic, eh?). Later on, The Shining. A year later, RotLA. The next year, BR and The Thing. And so on. Every time we saw a film, it was an instant classic. I can only think of seeing brilliant independent films recently - not studio films, so I feel my cynicism is justified somewhat.

Anyway, we’re set for the weekend. We might even watch 2049 at the crappy Cannock cinema (yep, we still live there), instead of the Walsall Showcase in honour of the good old days.

NB: I noted the incept date of the four runaway skin jobs. They’re around right now!


I watched the International Theatrical today as well.

Still holds up, although the looser scenes in contrast to the US version do add flair.


I rewatched the final cut last night to try and get in the mood for 2049…I still don’t really get why this movie is loved quite as much as it is. Visually it’s very impressive, but story wise I find it to be a bit of a bore.

But I like Villenuve and Gosling so I’m hoping 2049 will grab me the way the original appeals to everyone else.


I think the unicorn bits bog the movie down. Gets rid of the thematics by making things too literal.


I watched the Final Cut version today as well, we’ve all been busy in preparation. I honestly haven’t seen it in maybe 28-30 years. It holds up, it looks amazing, there’s a couple of tiny bits of flying car that look a little stilted but the rest could get away with being released now.

I have my tickets booked for 2049 for IMAX on Thursday afternoon (I do like being self employed).


But without that memory, and Gaff’s origami, you mightn’t have realised that Deckard is a replicant. :wink:


Wait, he’s a replicant?

Thought he was a brony alll this time.


Had to look that up. Wow!


It opens tomorrow but I have tickets to Broken Social Scene. :weary:


OK I have seen this now so be warned proper spoilers may be starting from this post onward.

I thought it was fucking brilliant. :smile:

Arrival was already my favourite film of last year and this continues much the same style of intelligent sci-fi with an emotional backbone. It looks and sounds even better though, I went for the full IMAX and Dolby ATMOS screening and it’s well worth it. What may not be to some tastes is that the film is more than happy to take its time and let you soak in what is happening on screen, Villeneuve is not afraid to linger on a detail for a good while. That impact would most likely be a bit dulled on a small screen.

The story adds some interesting conclusions from what we saw in the first movie and has some nice twists and unlike a lot of adult sci-fi stuff doesn’t opt for an ambiguous ending, pretty much all questions posed get answered. The performances are great and even Ford doesn’t look like he’s phoning it in at all and does a good job. My friend thought Jared Leto was a bit hammy but he was okay for me.

My joint favourite film of the year along with Dunkirk.

(Oh and I am aware of the hypocritical part of me that moans about long films and this one goes on for ages at a languid pace, I always reserve that right to contradict myself and would have been happy with another 30 minutes). :smile:


I read up to the second line. That was all I needed to hear.