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Blade Runner 2049 SPOILER THREAD


Just think about the fact that we now have the technology to create artificial artificial humans and tell me your mind isn’t blown :thinking:



These are so cool, thanks for sharing them. I had no idea the new film used miniatures until you shared some other images upthread. On second viewing it became slightly more noticeable–though not in a bad way, as I love miniatures!


I heard about them on the friend of a friend grapevine months ago. I was surprised that they didn’t do a Youtube video about it in the lead up to the film; something about, “honouring the work on the original film.”

That probably would’t have helped sell that many (if any) extra tickets, but it wouldn’t have hurt.


Oh jesus I saw the movie last night and it s h o o k me.




That was one of the things I really didn’t like in the film actually. It made no sense for Rachael to be young. If he really wanted to tempt Deckerd then it should have been an older Rachael so that it seemed like his ‘Rachael.’


Well the plan didn’t work, so maybe that was it’s flaw?


No, like so many of our previous movie discussions on this board, the main sticking point was eye colour.


Boot color!


I thought to was about how how many replicants she was going to punch


The biggest flaw in the movie was basically every plan the villain had. Honestly, he was rubbish :roll_eyes:


He was crazy.

I’m not sure why they went that way with the character?


Jared Leto insisted on having “blind” contact lenses that meant he was really unable to see.

At least he didn’t insist his optic nerves be disconnected. Temporarily.


If he had real integrity he would have refused the role and insisted it went to a sightless actor.


The most interesting bit of this is towards the end of the article where Fancher asserts that Scott kept questioning the idea of revealing K as a replicant. It’s a bold choice, sure, but a great one. Besides, changing that would have meant altering the whole world of the film (where everyone can tell the newer models from humans). If Scott had directed this I wonder what else would be different (besides explicitly stating that Deckard is a replicant).


This is great but I don’t know why EW truncated the quote for the headline when the full quote was this (and very funny):

Well, I do know why they truncated it, but still.


ahhh I was gonna go through all the thread but waaaay too much… maybe another day…

Anyways, I just watched this yesterday… Beautiful movie, a real visual treat, but yeah I can see how it flopped. It’s too slowly paced for today’s audiences (and not enough cutesy jokes :roll_eyes: ). Still, a great movie even though the plot isn’t anything exactly “new” or “original”, but considering it’s a sequel to a seminal sci-fi, I’m okay with that.

I was never a fan of BR to start with, but I really enjoyed the “hard” sci-fi vibe of this flick.

Oh, on the negative side: I really wished Jared Leto’s character was more prominent, because he was the most interesting character to me, and honestly, I found the bad-chick too one-note and reminded me of the female terminator in T3. Just a physical threat with very little development to her.

Whereas I found Leto’s character to have the freshest and ballsiest POV in the whole movie, and would’ve prefered to explore those ideas instead of focusing on the whole JOI thing which felt a bit too much like a “Her” rethread.

I dunno, the story wasn’t honestly the main attraction for me, it was the tone and visuals, and it delivered in those regards.


Yes. :+1: