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Blade Runner 2049 SPOILER THREAD


Yeah I know and I saw your previous comment on it. It’s up for grabs, it is a very viable and popular brand outside the US. Atari is not, even though I think it still technically exists as a shadow of what it was.

My point is it is slightly perspective, for me Chrysler would be the ‘legacy’ brand as I have never seen one in the UK since the mid 80s and not out here in Asia. If you really wanted to present a real defunct brand I don’t think you’d have chosen either of them. It’s hard to say unless we ask them in this global world, the best selling computer brand in Japan is still Toshiba although next to nobody else buys them.


Oh I apologize. I didn’t mean it to come off as a US vs. the rest of the world kind of statement.

It just seemed like something that was very intentional as there were also buildings emblazoned with the Peugeot lion. Had it not been and if that was product placement, the space would likely have been sold to another brand for the US release as there’s precedent for it in other films.

Atari still exists somewhere out there but are nowhere near what they were in the 80’s when the original film came out. I have no idea what they even do anymore.


The brand name and IP got sold around a few times, and the current incarnation is basically Infogrames, but renamed Atari. They still make games and 80s retro shit.


I didn’t take it that way.

It could be but they have a mix of live and dead products. Diageo is there, the drinks company that owns Guinness and Johnny Walker. Sony and Coke too. I think Pan-Am may be the only one that is truly defunct.


You’d been waiting three weeks for that opening, hadn’t you? :smirk:


I liked how the Soviet Union still exists in 2049’s world.


In all the analysis I’ve read, I haven’t seen anybody mention the obvious: JOI is a cyber-sex term for “jerk-off instruction”.

(Maybe nobody wanted to admit they knew that :blush: )


I thought that was obvious.


I thought it was obvious, but I wasn’t sure how widely known it was.



I honestly didn’t know that.


Never heard that one.

Did I just schooled in cybersex terms by Old Man Meadows??? :wink:


I suspect a new title is on the cards.


You have to remember I’ve been using the Internet since before most of you kids were born :smirk:




It’s just a branch of POV porn. Nothing too outrageous.


I doubt you’re actually that much older than the majority of us. The difference is you act like an old man. :wink:


But it does add another layer of meaning to the practicalities of her existence.


Is that back when they used difference engines?


I had no idea about that. Watching the film again today with that in mind really altered my reading of Joi’s character.

Unrelated to that point, here is my favourite article I’ve read so far.