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Blade Runner 2049 SPOILER THREAD


Now I’m disappointed it hasn’t happened yet. Damn. Something in their old crime tragicomic style too.


I thought that he was fantastic in The Nice Guys. He’s Stan Laurel stuck in LA Confidential and he’s great at it.

The first thing that I ever saw him in was Crazy Stupid Love, which I enjoyed. He is a bit of a smooth operator, but the movie gradually undercuts him.

I thought his being a bit of a blank slate as K in this movie worked for the character.


I love arthouse Gosling, and have for years. United States of Leland, Lars and the Real Girl, Half Nelson, and obviously Drive… all great films, and he’s central to them.


How did I forget about Drive? He’s great in Drive.


Blade Runner 2049 is pretty much Drive…but in the future.


I would argue that K is a more human character, and that there is never that moment of transformation in the character to complete monster than happened in Drive.


True, but all of the mash-ups of Real Human Being with pirated clips of the ending do make a persuasive argument.


Seriously, Tom. You don’t want to go believing something you see on the Internet now do you? :wink:


If K kissed Deckard in an elevator right before things got nuts, then I think you’d have a strong case.


Ridley vetoed it clearly.


Some of the miniatures built for the movie;


I thought K was probably the best iteration of the Replicant idea from the original. The thing about the Nexus 6 in the original was that despite their intelligence levels, they were essentially infants. Batty was only a three year old and he was the oldest of them. Their emotions were those of children and you could see how they lost control when emotional. K also was very childish emotionally in many of the same ways that Batty could be.

Again, I think if the film had tightened up and given more time to the culture of Replicants in this time period, it would’ve added more to the film. First of all, was there ever any mention in the original that replicants couldn’t have children? Even in this movie, no one flat out says that replicants can’t reproduce and, honestly, I kept thinking “is it that big of a deal?” Intellectually, I could see the problem, but emotionally, it never really mattered much.

However, if we had gotten more of the point of view of replicants as a subculture in the world that has to constantly be reminded to obey because they are essentially machines, I think it would have more impact. Too much was implied instead of actually shown. It’s a point where ambiguity was not helpful.

On top of that, I couldn’t really tell if there was some sort of racial distinction between the Nexus-8 and Wallace model replicants. Do the Nexus 8 hate the Wallace models or think of them as race traitors? Was the prostitute he meets and sleeps with a late model Nexus 8? If she was the same model as K, then wouldn’t she also have the same inability to disobey? How does K disobey when supposedly Wallace made that impossible?


I think there’s been some problems in the meantime. Otherwise K wouldn’t have to go through that Repetition test.

But you’re right, the Miracle child thing only makes sense with that form of grandiosity if Deckard is human because it then abolishes the lines between them. Having the ambiguity in that instance does make it muddled.


He wasn’t able to disobey until he went off baseline. His job gave him a lot of leeway in decision making out of necessity but he still had no choice but to kill replicants, even though he clearly didn’t want to (going back to the first scene). Normally he would’ve been destroyed after failing his baseline test but Joshi was sympathetic to him and gave him a grace period.

There’s a plot hole there that Joshi believed him when he said he killed Deckard’s child even though he’d just failed the baseline test. It’s vague how the test works so maybe it was highly unlikely for a replicant to lie so soon after going off baseline?


I think that given that she is clearly warm to him, in various ways, that she probably believed that him killing the child is why he went off baseline. The baseline is about emotional response and trauma or something like that, so it would make sense in that way.


The “child” would’ve been an adult, though. No different from killing Sapper in Joshi’s eyes.


True, but a miracle child is a different animal…like I said it’s not like Joshi wouldn’t have believed something more lenient. She wasn’t a strict boss to K, so her oversight there doesn’t really infringe on her character.


That’s assuming a replicant child, which no one has never seen or heard of, ages normally or at all. Who the hell knows?


I think we have to at least assume growth or else it could never have been born.


Do manufactured replicants age?