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Blade Runner 2049 SPOILER THREAD

They moved up the embargo on Blade Runner 2049 due to the good reactions:

Movie comes out next Thursday.


I just read this and immediately thought…“Must go onto MW and tell @DaveWallace

Edit: I love this line from the Empire review

That vast screen will swallow you up and draw you deep into an impeccably envisioned black-mirror reality that you’ll not want to leave, for all its deadly and unsavoury peculiarities. It’s so sensually impressive, it’s hard not to gush. If Deakins doesn’t win an Oscar for this, then the universe is clearly broken.

I need to rewatch the original…but which version? :thinking:


Yeah, I’m looking forward to this now.

(I’m not going to read much beyond the opening paragraph of that Guardian review though, at least not until I’ve seen it - Peter Bradshaw is fairly unconcerned about spoilers in a lot of his write-ups that I’ve seen, and I really don’t want this one spoiled.)


Do we have a Blade Runner 2049 spoiler thread? We really need one don’t we?

Edit: and as if by Magic…thanks @PaulF


I think we definitely need one. It comes out next week doesn’t it - I’ve got tickets booked for opening night already.

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And as if by magic…

(Thanks Paul!)

Theatrical and Final.

Or just Theatrical. it’s the best one.


I was considering rewatching the original before this one (the Final Cut is the one I have on BR), but I actually think I want to go into the new one relatively fresh - if I watch the original just days before this one, I think I’m going to end up drawing comparisons that I might not want to. This deserves to stand as its own thing.


I own the Final Cut on Blu-ray, but have never gotten around to watching it. Weekend plans!


Live Blade Runner rewatch anyone?

It’s a difficult one I know…we would have to synchronise versions…Actually forget it, it’s a terrible idea.

You are wise Mr. Wallace. I think that I will leave rewatching the movie I have seen 70 million times before in 5 different cuts until afterwards.


Yes yes, time to move onto something more feasible.

Live THX-1138 rewatch


You are a very strange man :confused:


For people looking for Blade Runner stuff to get hyped up, Mark Kermode’s Channel 4 documentary on it is online:


We should all watch different versions too, just to make it even more fun.

But are you talking about the US theatrical or the international version? This is important, TP!

I think I’ll stay as far away from the reviews as I can, too. Peter Bradshaw is a serial offender, but you can never be completely safe with any reviews. I think I’ll only begin to worry if it doesn’t get five stars from Robbie Collin.

But which version is your favourite?
I’ve only seen the final cut until now. I’m debating whether to watch the US theatrical cut and the workprint version before 2049 hits. They seem like the most different to the final cut.


US Theatrical.

I don’t mind the narration!

I think that the main difference between the US and international versions is that the international ones had more violent scenes.
The US theatrical cut of Blade Runner sounds like the version with the most amount of bite removed from the story.

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I really like the original cut (with the voiceover), but I saw the Final Cut on a big screen and that was pretty stunning.

Probably the Final Cut to be honest, but I liked the voiceover.


Okay my ticket was already sold, now it has been upgraded to Imax.


My friend and I have this ongoing war of dragging each other to movies.

I’m gonna go to IMAX simply as leverage to watch Geostorm later this month.


Now I can sleep safe.

I wouldn’t read the whole thing. It spoiled a few more details than I would have liked, so here are the most pertinent points.

On Gosling:

K himself – brilliantly played by Gosling in his magnetically inscrutable, Only God Forgives mode

:heart_eyes: As a big Only God Forgives fan, I have been eagerly awaiting the return of “Arthouse Gosling”, as I dub him. It looks like I’m about to get it.

One website had an article featuring stills from 2049, and they actually used one from Only God Forgives too, which made me laugh.

On Ford:

Harrison Ford’s recent Star Wars homecoming was pure and glorious fan-service, but this is something very different, and unexpectedly unsettling, musing on matters of ageing, legacy and death. It’s an extraordinary part, extraordinarily played, and reminds you just how much more Ford can do than dog-eared charisma.

And the last paragraph of the review:

The film crackles with a thrilling finality: in the foyer afterwards, I felt like I’d just seen the last blockbuster ever made. But like Mad Max: Fury Road before it, it shows you just how much further this medium has to go.

I think that’s about as conclusive as things are going to get.
Consider me very, very excited.