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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


Turns out that stuff is excluded from the soundtrack. Oh, well, hopefully a second album will be released containing the score.

Thanks, guys. I searched for “original score” instead of “soundtrack” in iTunes, and it popped up. Great stuff!!


Killmonger is like Magneto: justifiably angry but out for blood. He doesn’t want to fix things, he wants to overturn things and it’s not that he wants to use violence to achieve his goal so much as violence is part o the goal.

A bad person who has a good point is better than a villain who’s just villainous.

Loki is more fun, but he was only ever looking out for Loki. He really does just want power, even if he doesn’t actually have a good use for it.


I think T’Challa stuck him in a Bucky-tube and he’s in a coma getting healed.


You say that Killmonger was right, but he goes to Wakanda and uses his CIA training to destabilise it. I don’t think his nonchalant view on killing others is a lazy extra that the writers threw in. It’s pretty much his core.


Yeah, I took it as Killmonger starting as a revolutionary who wants to throw off the chains of his oppressors, but through his actions in war zones - and in using their methods - winds up becoming a mirror image of them. He’s not out for black liberation, he’s out for black supremacy in place of white supremacy.


I don’t think it’s “black” supremacy as much as “him” supremacy. He’s just using a black nation’s power because he thinks he’s entitled to it.


Based on his last line in the movie, I give him more credit than that. There’s definitely a certain amount of self-interest, ego, and entitlement in his actions, but I think his motivations and larger concerns are sincere, too.


I feel like Killmonger killing innocents is there mainly because Disney is never gonna make a movie about modern day revolutions that doesn’t send the message that they’re inherently misguided at best. A movie set during the American revolution, fine. A rebellion in a dystopian future, also fine. But Killmonger killing innocents is there to make defeating his aim of present day revolution more palatable.


The moment he shot his girlfriend in the face… I lost most empathy for him. Slitting the Dora’s throat finished it.


On a lighter note…


Oh, for sure. At the end of the day it’s a mainstream superhero film, so the politics are only going to be somewhat revolutionary. Given that caveat, I was impressed they allowed him to be as three-dimensional, complex, and sympathetic as he was.


Same here. I love the movie and appreciate that Coogler & Co. were able to work in as many radical political ideas as they could under the constraints of a Disney blockbuster.

It was especially cool how they linked Black Panther and Wakanda to issues facing present day black Americans with the Oakland scenes. That was very much in line with how the character’s been used historically.


Is this movie fun? The political angle is making me doubt seeing this.


It’s not Ragnarok. It has humor, but it isn’t a comedy.


It’s very fun. But yeah, not in the way Ragnarok is fun.

More in the way, like, X2 is fun.


Revolutions tend to be terrible in real life. Eventually they settle down and you hope that they were worth it, but one of the things I liked about ‘The Hunger Games’ movies was that the process of getting rid of a horrible system was, in itself, horrible, corrupting and murderous. It was a revolution that hurt as many “good” people as “bad” ones.

I thought ‘Black Panther’ did fine with it’s approach. It wasn’t as nuanced, but it was one film, not a series.

And I’d rather they went with a real message than just another “I want to destroy everything!!!” villain.


It’s quite easy to watch the film and not actually think too much about the politics of it. It’s there for those who care, but most of the global audience won’t be thinking too seriously about that part.


The political elements are just tropes that have been in fiction for ages. They’re put through a bit of a contemporary lens but the basics could have existed at any place or time.