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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


I came out of the theater yesterday eager to buy the soundtrack album, not because of the contributions of Kendrick Lamar and SZA and The Weeknd, but because I really enjoyed the traditional African music that provided the score throughout the film.

Turns out that stuff is excluded from the soundtrack. Oh, well, hopefully a second album will be released containing the score.


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I suspect BP is doing really well commercially as result of its focus being a non American non white hero. [/quote]

Most conventional wisdom about film/media is that those works generally don’t do well, for those reasons.

I found nearly every line of Klaue’s about Wakandans to be much more racist, and much more noticeable. Especially given who the other “white boy” is that Shuri was referring to, and the fact that they seemed friendly.


There is, but it’s only available digitally for the moment.


GotG movies have great cgi, which is weird, as I would assume that they use the same fx houses that other Marvel movies do. I think the problem is that a lot of the other films are rushed out, and the CG isn’t given the time to get where it needs to be.


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It’s all the same companies on big films; there are a handful of big VFX firms and then a larger pool of mid-sized ones. Smaller firms are legion, scattered around the world.

The lead companies on Black Panther are ILM and Double Negative. Both have won Oscars and other industry awards.

The reasons why a shot doesn’t look as good as you would hope are varied and often in combination. Time and money are the main ones, but a choice here, or there, that leads down a particular path can scupper even the best resourced project.

There’s a lot of invisible VFX in all these films as well. Making a man in a catsuit do a convincing back flip over a crashing car is, honestly, asking a lot.

Filling in rooms and adding ceilings is less glamourous, but easier to make look “real”.


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I got this digitally on Friday Jerry (as mentioned it’s only digital right now), should be on itunes or Amazon - it’s absolutely fantastic and well worth the purchase!


Parker already said it best. I’ll add that, without knowing any underlying intent regarding the comments on the success of WW and BP, what he could have meant is that Black Panther is the right movie at the right time, given the current political climate with the current fool in the White House. Not so much that it’s only getting great reviews because black people are promoting a primarily black cast movie. That people are more sensitive to the racial and gender issues now and are more inclined to celebrate strength through diversity rather than the same old crap.
I could be wrong, though. And though I’m just as guilty as everyone, it’s better to give posters the benefit of the doubt first. Question and let them prove you wrong or right and go from there.
Though to be fair to you, I can definitely see why you got irritated (to say the least).


Thank you, and points taken.


Watched yesterday, have to say not a bad movie at all. Pacing, acting, characters, and relationship between them - are all atributtes I give thumbs up.
On the other hand, I dislike the overall presentation of Wakanda, both visual and cultural level. Also, I don’t think that CGI and action choreography are handle well. I simply don’t find them convincing IMO.



Is it opposite day?


Killmonger wasn’t right, and no-one doesn’t know it?


Killmonger was kinda like Syndrome in The Incredibles in that his aims weren’t bad but they made him kill innocent people so that he could be the villain. It was kinda lazy, tbh. It would’ve been better to see a more direct confrontation between competing viewpoints about how best to lift oppressed peoples instead of the heroes just teaming up to stop an unhinged murderer.


I agree with the writer of this piece.

If anything, I’ll take it further: Wakanda doesn’t owe anyone, outside of its own citizens, shit.

A lot of these thinkpieces ignore the fact that Wakanda has been giving its finger to the continent it was on for thousands of years. They did not trust anyone.

They’re also ignoring that Killmonger’s father told Klaue how to get the vibranium which resulted in the deaths of Wakandans.

If T’Challa hadn’t been in his feelings about his father’s fratricide and told Killmonger. “Thanks, now we’re even for your Father’s betrayal of us in the first place,” it would have been a different movie.

If Wakanda was expansionist and xenophobic, I’d say Killmonger had a point, but they’re paranoid and isolationist, and they have damned good reason to be.

Last EDIT:

And helping other people wasn’t even Killmonger’s idea. It was Nakia’s! Killmonger wanted to rule. She wanted to help.