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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS



Thank you, and I think that’s fair. I get that there are any number of valid reasons to dislike (or to like) the film, and I’m not taking issue with those. That post in particular struck me for the reasons I mentioned, and I think a conversation about why those points come across that way (or don’t, for others) is worth having - which is difficult to do when those comments stem from a single poster in this instance. I would be more than willing to just focus on the contents, rather than the poster.


No matter what, this is going to be a volatile subject for time to come, more so than it should be in a perfect world because you have the element of personal taste mixed with the cultural significance.

Here’s a scenario - You may have someone who loved Moonlight. Then they see that BP is making serious Box Office and call it out for that if they don’t think it’s a strong film. It may not be directly racist if that were the case - more against Blockbusters. I’m not saying this was or wasnt the case, but in a subject as volitile as this it’s important not to go to defcon 1 without starting at defcon 4.

Personally, I believe and I like that BP has gotten a bump from the very fact it is such a culture moment - but at the same time I think it’s really entertaining and in my eyes that bump is justified by a strong, well made action Superhero movie.

We need to be careful that liking this film and not liking it doesn’t create an imaginary racism divide that may not be there. But by all means, get stuck into the subject, it’s an important one for both comics and society in general!


Look at Parker working hard to be picked for the next moderator job.


He’s got my vote.


That’s funny because Parker’s a massive racist in real life.


Perhaps, but as long as he’s not a dick on the internet, that’s what truly counts.


I haven’t seen it yet, but I gotta say I’m getting a bit worried about this new batch of costume designs in the overall MCU line. The purple costume looked terrible in the trailers, for exemple… the black one on CW was perfect… I don’t get it (I do, toys).

What’s worse, I’ve seen some images of what might be Thanos final look in the movies and it’s REALLY bad, not to mention some of the other IW costumes that have been shown so far (iron-spider :face_vomiting: )

Edit: For the heroes of course… the rest of the cast’s costumes on BP look really amazing, strangely enough.


I’m curious about what the metric is for shoddy CGI work. Having seen Justice League and X-Men: Apocalypse, and the horribly CGI and design work in those films, I have a hard time applying the word “shoddy” to anything I saw in Black Panther or the IW trailer.


Well, why, as a matter of fact I just saw Justice League and you’re right, the FX is garbage (not surprising though, considering all the last minutes changes)… And you’re also right that X-Men Apocalypse wasn’t very good either… So it seems we’re working with the same metric :+1:


VFX can do anything, so sometimes it’s asked to do things that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. The end result doesn’t look real because it’s not realistic, in the literal sense.


I suspect BP is doing really well commercially as result of its focus being a non American non white hero. When I was regularly reading comics BP was an athlete like Captain America. No tech based suit, no claws and no super powers. That’s clearly been reworked over the years. No problem with that. The poster suggests that my comments are ‘racist’. Because I reference BP deriving his powers from what is referred to in the film as ‘herb’ I thought it was heavy handed from the film maker dropping in a reference like that. Maybe he didn’t mean cannabis. Maybe he did. Monk brings up racism- I thought Suri referring to Ross as ‘white boy’ was, by most definitions, racist. What else could a comment directly referencing his skin colour be?

The FX in Civil War were far more convincing all the way around than what was on screen here. Sorry if you are offended- I don’t seek to offend. Just sharing an opinion. Screaming racist is a bit off key though.


Eh, the airport scene was quite bad :smile:


Not sure what part of the airport scene you thought looked bad. Spider-Man moved with some apparent weight. I thought it looked great. Didn’t take me out of the film at all. The scores BP is achieving on RT suggest its one of the best movies ever…


Nope, just that 97% of critics think it’s anywhere from okay to great.


The heart shaped herb has been part of Black Panthers canon for literally decades at this point and is in no way a reference to marijuana.


When was BP ‘powered up’ as per this movie?


1966, when the heart shaped herb was first introduced.


The effects in all Marvel movies, including this one, are not that great. With some movies (such as Ragnarok) it’s distractingly ugly. Weightless, yes. Plasticy, yes.

It’s all eye of the beholder but I think if you compare it to stuff like Star Wars and Apes, or even Hobbit or Harry Potter, and it doesn’t really rate. It’s more aligned with Transformers or the F&F films, not really bad but not top shelf either.


Although, to be fair, an F&F films hasn’t been visually impressive since Tokyo Drift.
That movie had style.