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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


Xhosa, the real language of fictional Wakanda.


Was Cap accounted for at all in this movie, if it takes place right after Civil War?


Aside from the post-credits scene, there’s no real acknowledge of other super-heroes even existing.


Thought this was cool from the dunk contest on Saturday. (Some judicious editing here however…in actuality he missed his first attempt).


I rarely go to blockbuster films on opening weekend because I hate crowded theaters; today was one of those rare exceptions.

I definitely made the right choice.


Here’s the Briebart interpretation of the film. You know…I think they might be right!



Contrary to popular opinion, this was the mcu movie I have enjoyed least. The references to Black Panther deriving powers from ‘erb’ was a bit on the nose for me. The casino scene felt lifted from Skyfall and the ending was sub lord of the rings. BP looked weightless through many of the action scenes, like the early Spider Man films. The cgi was too often jarring. I felt the film sagged to often as well. I assume this film is getting rave reviews for reasons similar to Wonder Woman rather than based on its own merits.


I’ve just watched it today and didn’t think much of it, to be honest. I liked most of the performances and Andy Serkis seemed to be having a great time but visually it was all over the place. I couldn’t buy into this as a real world at all.
I’m about to dive into this thread now so I’m interested to see what you all made of it.


I’m surprised that the reception has been so mixed, but I feel that’s really where the film ends up.
I saw it at a 17:15 showing and while that might be a slightly awkward time I did not expect me and my friend to be the only people there. Very strange.


Yeah, that was a pretty big problem. I thought the movie has some cool visuals, but the Black Panther action sequences were pretty jarring. The one that stood out the most to me was when the two BPs were falling down onto the train tracks near the end. It was pretty shoddy CGI work. Didn’t really take me out of the movie too much, but it lends to my thoughts that T’Challa/Black Panther was the weakest thing about the movie.


Be nice to each other please.


Are you kidding me? Please explain how my calling someone out on their obviously racist and sexist remarks merits a deletion.



Please, dear sir, be aware that your association of Black Panther’s powers deriving from the consumption of a heart-shaped herb with the illegal consumption of marijuana is, in fact racist, as it relies on a racist stereotype of the black community. Additionally, I found, if you’ll be kind enough to forgive me, your assumption that the success of the Black Panther film (and your related point regarding Wonder Woman vis-a-vis gender) relies predominantly on the race of the character, rather than the quality of the film could also be viewed as racist (and, in the aforementioned case of Wonder Woman, sexist). Thank you for your time.

Is that “nice” enough?


Don’t call other people racist.

And don’t post like a dick either. You can post like a dick on the rest of the internet.


Not really.


So, just to be clear: Expressing racist and sexist views, and calling someone a dick is "nice"
Pointing out when someone is expressing racist and sexist views is "not nice"
Do I have that right?

How should I nicely respond to a post that I find racist and sexist? (Oh, and if a Mod who hasn’t called me a dick would like to respond, that would be appreciated).


The poster didn’t make an overtly racist or sexist post, they made one you interpreted as racist. And rather that give them the benefit of the doubt and say ‘you know, that could be taken the wrong way’, you just called them racist. Then when asked simply to be nice, as in be respectful, you double down and make a completely insincere post still calling some stranger a racist.

You know all this, it’s how you’ve chosen to represent yourself with your posts. Twice you had the chance to engage in a positive manner, both times you took another option. Don’t be a dick and then whine that you’re being called out for being a dick. It just makes you an even bigger dick.


Like I said, I’d appreciate hearing from a mod who hasn’t called me a dick while criticizing me for not being nice.

Oh, and if you reread the post you originally deleted, you’d see that I explicitly said “I’m inclined to [view it as racist for the following reasons]” - in other words, expressing my particular view of the comments, and explaining why I felt that way which would give them the opportunity to respond. If you hadn’t deleted it, of course.


I’m not sure if there’s any other mods about right now, and I can see you are angry, but take a step back and a breathe. Try and tackle the subject as opposed to the Millarworlder, I think that is the only issue here and that is seen as ‘acting’ like a dick, not necessarily being one. If we are going to get angry about every tiny nuance of what is said about BP we could be here for a very long and angry time, it’s important to discuss these things in a way which people aren’t personally attacked. It’s happened twice now and it’s probably going to happen again, but it is important that if anyone wants to call those things out, it’s done in a manner that shows respect even if the caller feels that respect is not warranted.

The ‘speak about the subject, not the poster’ rule is a good one even though it can be hard to adhere to at times, but it’s worth it.