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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


Like they’ve never lied before… :wink:

(Also that just means they didn’t want to make the Panther film about an Infinity Stone, which is fair enough … but it doesn’t stop it being revealed at a later date. If the Soul Gem IS in Wakanda, it’s almost certain no-one there knows yet. You can see T’Challa having the Stones explained to him, and suddenly realising the connection for himself…)


What if the soul stone WAS Wakanda?!?!


The second hidden scene gives a small Infinity point.


People are actually using this trick?


Oh yeah, happens all the time. You see it most often at basketball games. Folks see a guy that tall and think it’s one of the players.


Black Panther currently has the highest critical score for a Marvel movie on Rotten Tomatoes - 97%.

It also has one of the lowest audience scores at 75%. It’s the biggest gap between critics and audiences for any of the Marvel movies.

Someone’s lying about how they feel about this movie.


Even if Rotten Tomatoes scores were an accurate indication of anything, it’s not unusual for critic and audience scores to differ. Just look at something like Justice League, with a critic score of 40% and an audience score of 76%. That doesn’t mean anyone is lying about anything, just that audiences and critics aren’t in synch.

But really, Rotten Tomatoes audience scores are so open to manipulation (not to mention being self-selecting in the first place) that I don’t consider them indicative of anything. Especially when you’ve had high-profile campaigns driven by certain interest groups to alter the scores.

(For what it’s worth, though, if I was giving Black Panther a score out of 100, it would probably fall between the two RT scores - mid-80%s.)


I thought the same thing while watching. I liked that it took its time and took its material seriously; as you say, it speaks to confidence in the filmmakers’ vision.

A big part of why it feels like a real movie is because Wakanda feels like a real place. I know a lot here have compared it to Asgard but that doesn’t scan for me at all. I can imagine what Wakandans’ of various social positions lives are like. Can’t do that at all for Asgard. Wakanda is also multicultural; Asgard’s just like 500 people who believe in the same things and do the same things.

Even the excursions outside of Wakanda feel like real places, which is untrue of many Marvel films (they’re getting better at that, though). Oakland and Busan are grounded in a couple distinct characters.

To me, Wakanda is more fleshed out than great fictional settings like Mos Eisley and Gondor. It’s a step or two below Hobbiton.

The parts of the movie that set up Wakanda and the relationships between the characters are the strongest for me. I love the slow build in the first two-thirds. But Killmonger is dealt with too quickly. I think they should have saved him for the sequel and had him defeat T’Challa at the beginning instead of over halfway through. The movie truncates Killmongers’ regime so it feels like neither T’Challa or Wakanda are ever seriously challenged.

For me, the first two-thirds of the movie are the best Marvel movie to date. But since the resolution to the main conflict is underwhelming I left the theater feeling a bit underwhelmed. Ragnarok stuck its landing, of a very similar plot to boot, so it still wins out as my favorite MCU movie. But Black Panther is close behind it.


I think there’s some review dismorphia. It’s not as good as the critics are saying whereas it’s not all that in line with what Marvel usually do so I can see why some will give it a lower score.


I think that would have definitely worked as part 2 and 3 of a trilogy, but then there’s the gamble of getting there. The filmmakers had messages they wanted to get across and it is a pity they didn’t get two films to do it but I can see why they had to force it in one. It is a pity we won’t see more of Killmonger, they could have had him in jail in Wakanda, stirring up politics in the second film. Hopefully they carry some of the threads on and we see his opposing politics alive and well in the next film, with him acting as a martyr of sorts.


Before it even opened there were thousands of “one star” audience reviews for it on imdb. You can read into that whatever you like.

While I tend to think cinemascore reflects how well marketing manages expectations, it did get an A+ on cinemascore.

I would give it an 8/10 myself…definitely good enough to be a top-5 Marvel movie but it did need a cool action scene in the first third (Busan comes a little late), and it had the usual Marvel-movie problem where the climax had so many things going on at once that it actually felt boring rather than exciting. Although I appreciated how much the climax felt like Return of the King.


My wife and I saw it yesterday. It was a decent film and certainly different enough from the current marvel crop (except possibly Ragnarok, but that in itself was different from the current marvel crop in its own special way) to feel fresh and different.

It can’t escape the necessary trappings of an origin movie, which is exactly what it is but it doesn’t stick to the familiar beats.

I immediately thought of bond for the casino sequence and that is certainly reflected in most of the comments here. It was good to have the characters kicking arse without having to be all suited up. The car chase was meh in my opinion, too much cgi/ropework at jaunty camera angles to be engaging except for the Nakia and Okoye sections which were more inventive and brought a good laugh at the end.

I couldn’t help think of The Lion King at the end and was very close to saying “Everything the light touches…” but managed to restrain myself.

As I said before it was enjoyable and certainly different to what we are used to in superhero flicks but it is still a superhero flick and I am certainly getting fatigued by them.


Oh, I forgot to say in my review how much Shuri stole the show. I love what they did with her. She’s a technological genius with a cooler lab than Tony Stark (and probably better tech, too) who’s not afraid to clown her brother the king for his ugly sandals. She owned every scene she was in.

I really liked seeing a positive, playful sibling relationship in an action movie. Usually siblings are nemeses in movies like this.


I forgot to put into mine but…

We had a few people walk out of our showing, mostly younger couples so I’m assuming they needed some “alone time”.

However a friend from the states commented on FB today that they had a number of large groups leave the cinema mid film in an aggressive and rude manner. Is this a thing? Do people doing this not realise that by purchasing a ticket you have supported the movie and the walking out just annoys others and doesn’t make any kind of point.


Check out the Rotten Tomatoes listing for “The Last Jedi”: 91% critical, 48% audience rating.

Cinemascore gives BP an A+. The Last Jedi got an A Cinemascore.


One thing about Rotten Tomatoes is the way that critics reviews are weighted.

A critic can give a movie an “okay” review and still have the review be considered fresh. Enough similar “okay” reviews from users, say a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1-10, will drag the user ratings down.

I tend to ignore Rotten Tomatoes anyway and don’t get the appeal. There are a handful of critics whose tastes align with mine, and I will take their opinions into consideration, but I generally find aggregated reviews useless.


WB owns RT so there will be a perception, right or wrong, that there is an inherent bias against non-WB movies.


Saw it today and thought it was pretty cool. It’s far from my favorite Marvel movie, but it tells a very complete story. It was very well done. Although I did find it to be a bit too long. It felt like it was 3 hours to me instead of 2 hours and 20 minutes. I also kind of wish we’d gotten more of Jordan’s character instead of spending so much time on the Klaw plot. But in the end the biggest issue I may have is that T’Challa is the least interesting thing the movie has going for it. Like when he was tossed off the waterfall I was kind of hoping any one of the awesome women in the movie would take up the mantle of Black Panther.

Anyway, very good movie, but probably not going to have the rewatchability of some of Marvel’s more “fun” movies like Guardians or Thor 3.


I think this is one of those times you hope Hollywood starts copycatting a movie’s template, simply as it’s so clear the money men seem to believe an all black cast is just a gimmick rather than the glass ceiling tumbling down around them.

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