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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


Black Panther is about to hit home entertainment. Disney’s money trucks will be working overtime.




“Black Panther” star gives Howard University graduation speech


If he had given it at Yale he would have had security come up to him before the speech and ask him to provide evidence that he belonged there.






Was torn on whether to put this here or in the NFL Thread:




What is wrong in both instances is that one does not put one’s arms on the arms of the throne. It’s just not done.


she would if she could. between the size of the throne and the size of her arms it would look way too awkward if she tried.



Good point about the Panther not wisecracking. He’s a bit like Cap in many ways.

This one does a good job of pointing out the special strengths of that movie that make it that little bit different from other Marvel movies.


I like that with those characters they are more likeable by the clumsiness when it comes being funny or charming - the comedy comes from their personality traits as they are, not from writers changing them to be funny. It also makes them more likeable. In a character like Scott Summers (before he had a midlife crisis) he’s so staunchly ‘boy scout’ that he reacts badly to comedy around him rather than naively or clumsily, so just has a personality up its own arse.

The same happens, incidentally, when Superman doesn’t smile, genuinely. He becomes pompous.



Just watched it. Honestly, as acting goes, Jordan’s Killmonger blew Boseman’s Panther out of the water (why do failed Human Torches always do awesome in the MCU?). What a presence as a villain. Also, BP fighting Vibranium-suited Rhinos? I didn’t expect that going in, but it’s awesome as hell!