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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS



I can see their point.

…it’s on the top of their hoods :smirk:


Late to the discussion, saw it in week 2 with my little man. Every week here it’s been sold out through 11:00 pm showings. We ended up taking front row seats at a 4-D show with leather recliners and that was the only way we didn’t get stiff necks. First time I’ve ever done that, but I had a gift card and wasn’t driving home empty-handed, especially after psyching up my kid for it. We both had a blast. I would only bitch that Klaw has been misused between the Avengers setup and this quick and out appearance. I loved the acting, mind you, but wish it hadn’t been Klaw. Anyone else think of the komodo dragon pit in Skyfall during the casino sequence in BP?

Otherwise, I loved this film and appreciated that it took its sense of responsibility seriously. I also cheered that the “n” word was never used, which is a stereotype, of course, but I despise the word and nearly hesitated taking my kid to this since Marvel and DC have no qualms littering their films with un-kid-friendly profanity.

As a longtime fan of the Panther when I was in kid in the 70s and 80s, the movie was wish-fulfillment for me.

I’d also add that it’s funny that a 47 year old man wearing a Black Panther shirt around and drawing odd and occasionally angry stares from non-white people is just a sad state of affairs. Being a longtime fan, I was wearing that shirt no matter who thought I was weird or out of bounds wearing it. Of course, it could’ve easily been that “old fart wearing a comic shirt” thing, too… :slight_smile:



When I saw the new Avengers trailer, I noticed how the Black Panther appearances resonated with me. Some people complained about Chadwick Boseman not being a charismatic or energetic enough lead (because of the nature of the character, not the actor), but I think he completely nailed the regal quiet confidence the character should have, and you can see it even in the split-seconds we see of him in the trailer. I mean, look:

So awesome!


I think Boseman was very good in the role, but I still think most of the other characters were more interesting/entertaining. That’s not Boseman’s fault. I don’t even think it’s Coogler’s fault. T’Challa is king. He was raised to be king. So he presents himself very reserved, regal, and diplomatic. That’s the character. Everyone else doesn’t have to suffer that burden.


I agree on the entertaining part - he will always have to be more serious than other characters (similarly to Cap). But I think the character is plenty interesting, and that has a lot to do with Bosewick’s performance.



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This is the funniest thing SNL has done in a while:


That’s amazing. Up there with Dave Chapelle at his best. It immediately should be in the SNL hall of fame.


I’m just going to take that as a post-credits scene.


I’m lukewarm on Kenan Thompson, but the ads got me.


How dare you. Kenan Thompson is a god. The Bugeyed God of Saturday Night.


If he’s the God of Saturday Night no wonder SNL hasn’t been memorable in years :wink:



Wow, that’s pretty soon. It seems like it’s still got momentum in the theaters, and could get a tiny bump from Infinity War.


Infinity War comes out in May. I assume they’re expecting that to massively boost sales, especially with Wakandas prominent role.


April 27 in the States. :slight_smile: