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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


I forgot to mention the score – from the pounding Kendrick Lamar music that dominated the trailer, I expected the soundtrack to be something that had to be endured for the sake of the film, rather than enjoyed. So I was really pleasantly surprised, all the soundtrack was really excellent. The mix of orchestral, traditional African, and African-American music really worked, and (what I assume were) Lamar’s original songs sounded fine, in context.

I did find it mildly amusing how much Western European classical music dominated the soundtrack, though. It’s like the fall-back position for Hollywood is to go to a big orchestral swell for the big moments, even in a movie that could easily be 100% traditional African music.


That’s true but I think Get Out is also a better movie than Black Panther. :confused:


Oh, I agree. Get Out is definitely a better movie than Black Panther as far as I’m concerned.


Black Panther’s not as good as Get Out, but it’s still better than half of the other Best Picture nominees this year.


It got more of a developed emotional quotient than Shape of Water for sure


What seems more likely? A hidden African nation whose leader derives superpowers from the essence of an herb, or the ability to completely fill a bathroom with water just by stuffing one towel under the door?


That’s not possible?


Try it and see if it works.


I dunno. Out of the seven best picture nominees that I have seen, I’d rank Black Panther below all of them.


All the music was actually authentically Wakandan in style. Just like Thor’s music is 100% Asgardian. :hammer_and_pick:


Saw it yesterday, and enjoyed it a lot. I think Steve’s review pretty much covers my impressions. i liked the South Korean bits best (and immediately thought Bond!), and it was a bit too predictable in the second half, but still enjoyable and visually engaging.

Some minor points:

I thought they did really well with Wakanda, making it work as a futurist African country. This was a tough one to get right and not drift into ethno-kitch territory. But for me at least, they did it well. Even the gorilla tribe (which first made me think, okay, they didn’t manage to do it without their version of Tarzan’s cannibals) turned out all right. Loved how they turned this around with the vegetarian joke.

Yes, W’Kabi didn’t get enough screen time and the character didn’t quite work for the story because of that. And yes, the CGI looked a bit crap sometimes, especially in the last bit with the falling and the trains. No weight.

I thought it was impressive how well they managed to make me sympathise with Killmonger and his actions. Well done, and they’ve created maybe the best Marvel U villain after Loki.

They really made the politics of this work. It’s a difficult territory, but there were no obvious blunders and the way they go in the end was well done.

Best thing about it politically though was the women. All of them tough and funny and at least as capable as the men. That was great.


From my Quora feed:




He’s not teasing shit.
Jesus if he said he enjoyed the mr potato head iron man doll people would say there’s going to be an animated spinoff.




Wonder why Pop Culture Potato Heads didn’t blow up as big as Funkos.


Bah, in my day we had to make do with just potatoes.




If you didn’t have to walk a mile on broken glass barefoot to get those potatoes I don’t want to hear about it.