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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


In “Black Panther,” American Dreams and American Nightmares Clash


Good article,


This is a very very cool thing to do from Disney.

Very smart PR at work


Especially after all of those calls for them to donate a quarter of the box office


oh, I hadn’t heard that one. How ridiculous to suggest such a thing.



I agree. It’s not a film company’s place to do anything like that. I’m really glad to see they are donating but I certainly wouldn’t expect even that.



New petition on


I mean, Disney is starting their own streaming service soon so I’m pretty sure they’ve already said there will be no new Marvel Netflix series. That alone makes the petition pointless. Also most petitions are fairly pointless. I think Disney is well aware of how popular Black Panther is.


Petitions are a way to register support (or opposition).

Disney are in the business of being popular, a petition isn’t going to hurt.


The manager said there is a movement to get Shuri officially recognized as a Disney Princess. Personally, I love the idea.

Christel and I saw the movie Friday and I truly enjoyed it. It was not my favorite Marvel film but it is definitely way up there. My wife loved it.

Wakanda and its people were amazingly realized. It was a very important character in the movie.

Shuri stole the movie for me. Smart, funny and positive, she is one hell of a role model character.

The scene that really struck me was the final scenes with T’Challa and Killmonger. Michael B Jordan had an incredible death scene and his final words were extremely powerful.

I liked it and would see it again.


I know people who do not support this sort of thing, but I like to see things evolve.

Shuri will be part of activities and parades at the Disney parks I’m sure. The film is doing far too well for that not to happen.

Official or not, she’s made an impact.


I was under the impression that the Disney Princesses have to be from the animated features, which would exclude characters like Shuri or Leia.


You’re right.

But it didn’t stop people from pretty much taking on Leia as one.


It probably won’t be long until all Disney princesses will be reimagined in live-action, and vice-versa, so I doubt it will matter to our grandkids when they, for one, welcome their new Disney overlords.


It’s an artificial concept, one that emerged as part of the studio’s marketing. As Disney grows the concepts will change too.

Or not.

But little girls (and many others) are not going to be dictated to by the studio and the studio would be crazy to try.

Better to ride the wave and expand the definition (and sell more merchandise).


I went yesterday, on a freezing Monday night in the second week of the release and it was almost sold out. It is a baffling phenomenon.

I was a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t a bad movie per se, but I had some problems, the biggest problem for me being the character of Black Panther himself which wasn’t terribly interesting, he was kind of bland and stolid, probably because he needed to present a regal disposition. Wakanda was a bit problematic for me too, it seemed like this clicheed, fairy tale like Disney idea of a hidden African utopia which bordered on the silly. I may have missed something but I didn’t see the reason why Wakanda kept its resources hidden from the rest of the world.


Well a good starting point would the real world history of colonial Africa.

Or colonial South America.

Or colonial North America.

Or colonial anywhere really.

If the MCU version of Europe had known that Wakanda had valuable resources, it would’ve meant war. Even if Wakanda was ahead, technologically, it would’ve meant war.

Even if Wakanda won every conflict, other nations would still have tried to take their resources from them, over and over again.

That’s how politics was done for centuries, and is still done too often now.


You’re probably right. But in the movie it isn’t really explained.

That’s the thing I wonder about. If Wakanda was that far ahead that would mean they could be in a position to deter the kind of conflict and exploitation that colonialism brought. Their science and technology could have done a lot of good to the rest of Africa (or America) bringing those countries to a point where they could withstand colonialization.

I guess it’s the same question that applies to a lot of superhero stories. Why doesn’t Tony Stark mass produce his Iron Man suits for all people, etc.