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Black Panther - Discussion with SPOILERS


Saw it last night.

I enjoyed it. I agree with everyone about some bits where it drags and the focus on superhero-y stuff.
Especially since the world building and characters were so well developed enough that it didn’t really need to add more onto it. It could have been a might more taut.

Top 5 MCU easily, but then again I don’t think much of the MCU. Still solid movie.

But damn whoever approved that “El Dorado is actually Wakanda” line. That’s South American. That belongs to my people. There was no need for it.

It’s dumb and I think is pretty hypocritical to this whole narrative in the public eye about how important showing a world like Wakanda is.


OMG, I saw that! I was going to post it but was afraid to!!


I wasn’t sure whether to post them here of the picture thread.




I didn’t take that one literally myself. The legend is so well known that people often refer to figuratively ‘an El Dorado’ meaning any hidden city of treasures. I’ve read it dozens of times that way, especially in travel guides, to describe places like Ankor Wat in Cambodia as it was hidden form view in deep jungle for centuries.

Camelot is often used similarly, although it can only be somewhere in the British Isles you hear it used to describe places in say Eastern Europe.

I hope so anyway as taken literally it makes no sense.


I dunno man, you can say that it might be meant figuratively - but that sort of thing becomes less clear when you have all sorts of other myths and mythology true within the same franchise. From Norse, to Bast, and so on.

It’s a horrible line.


I think it’s meant to be literal, to give Wakanda some kind of relatable history for those us from a non-Marvel continuum.

It’s even used in one of the trailers.

Dumb line, but not a deal breaker for me.


I’m obviously less sensitive to it culturally but that is exactly how I reacted to the line and not some rationalisation added on later. I guess we’d have to ask the writers to know definitively.

If literal it’s dumb even just for reasons of logic let alone appropriation (how would it end up being a Spanish name and South American legend?).


I reacted to this line this way from the very first trailer it was in. But that’s no mark on you, I hope I’m not coming off as that way.

You can probably still find my original post griping about in the Marvel movie thread.


Not at all, I was just clarifying that I wasn’t trying to ‘no prize’ it after the event. I know us fans can be guilty of that often but not my intention with this one.


Ah, definitely didn’t take it that way.
And I’ve definitely started to become much more aware of how comics and movies use my culture in ways.
So stuff like that jumps out at me.

Still…good movie.




So just got back from my second viewing. I often do this with the Marvel and Star Wars flicks: once opening weekend, then again a week or two later if I get home and my mom or sister have any interest in seeing it at the little theater I grew up with.

So the 1st viewing was in a small city, pretty packed, audience about 40% black.

2nd in a rural town, maybe 10 people, I think all white.

Wow I’ve never experienced the same movie twice in such different ways.

I wonder how much that has impacted the mixture of reviews here (not to dismiss anyone’s opinion, no matter how they experienced it).

I’ve also wondered how much some of what the movie had to say was particularly resonant in the US. While the bulk of the story didn’t take place here,it was obviously commenting on it.

I’m sure much of it is universal though. Is there a difference in US and European opinion?


The film is doing well all over the world.

Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther is poised to bound across the $500M worldwide mark today, nine days after its release. The global gross through Wednesday is $491.1M with the international box office having passed $200M yesterday to land at $213.6M to date. The Panther’s performance has helped push The Walt Disney Studios across $1B worldwide box office in just 52 days of 2018.


Overseas, the Ryan Coogler-directed film is pacing on track, still running well ahead of Doctor Strange and slightly above 2017’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and Thor: Ragnarok.



I watched it with a Malaysian audience, it went down really well with laughs in the right places. A couple of weeks into release and a 4.30pm showing on a weekday and the audience was pretty big too. (Some additional reactions came for some reason with the Korean dialogue, I don’t know if something sounded like a rude word in Chinese).

If you think about it there are aspects that would also resonate outside the US. Every country apart from Thailand is South East Asia was colonised and stripped of natural assets for example. A lot of it in living memory, Malaysia as one example only gained independence in 1957 and was used to supply tin and rubber to the British Empire.



The BBC has done some good programmes on this;