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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


I imagine part of the wider context of this is that Choose Your Own Adventure had a deal with Fox and had their own movie ideas in the works.

This is from April:

Bandersnatch may well have stolen their thunder a little bit.

(Although frankly the movie idea outlined in that article sounds a bit crap - if you’re voting along with the rest of the people in your cinema you may not get your own choice anyway.)


Did you watch it alone or with others? Videogames are offering some good immersive experiences that no “choose your adventure” story can match, so I really think the audience for it is limited and probably pretty specific. It would probably work really well with a group of friends - like a mystery party game along the lines of Clue or Secret Hitler (which is ironically similar to the Brady Bunch party game). Television is a passive narrative medium usually where you are being “told” the story, but this sort of show would be a better fit for a group of people engaged in a social setting while watching it.

As far as the theme of the show, though, did it really have anything interesting to add to the idea of whether or not the choices made actually make much of a difference? When you make a choice, are you making it out of identification with the characters or out of simply wanting to see what happens? Does that matter?


I watched it alone. To me, it really felt like a “single player” video game. In a group setting, I think it would work if people took turns. Overall, I think Bandersnatch is something you’ll do for only a couple of sessions then move on to something else.

As to the message, it tries to say something but it’s sig strength wanes the further you go into it. Maybe that’s the message. :wink:

As to a CYOA movie, I see it going something like this:


A choose your own adventure that makes the case you shouldn’t choose your own adventure.


We could always play “Roy”:


I wonder how it compares to Japanese visual novels. Those are probably the most recent and most developed versions of the concept.

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