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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


Yeah, I watched it. Got to the credits. And then it stated sending me backwards to make different choices…I got bored pretty quickly.

I can appreciate the technical aspects of putting somethings like this together…But if I’m watching a movie or a tv show. I want to be immersed in someone’s story. Not constantly being taken out of It by having to make choices.

It’s a fun gimmick. But not something i see ever wanting to revisit.


It would be hilarious to watch the episode and think Jesus… that looks like Warren Ellis…


I think Jeff Minter was a better choice for the subject matter.



You won’t want to miss this

You might be surprised


Yeah! :smile:

While it sounds mildly interesting, it’s not enough to get me to actually do it.


What if you don’t want Stefan to die and wanted him to just learn a moral lesson and grow as a person?


You do realize this is Black Mirror, right?





Good luck with that.


According to the report, Netflix tried to make a deal to use the brand ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, hey also use the phrase in the TV show.

I have no idea if that will sway a court, but hey clearly felt a need to have a contract at some point.

Netflix hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment. The streamer will likely defend itself by pointing to allowances for descriptive fair use. Netflix has also avoided using “Choose Your Own Adventure” in advertising Bandersnatch, and there’s also likely to be court attention on the Rogers test, wherein something of artistic relevance is only flagged if the use of the mark is explicitly misleading as to its source.

Claiming infringement, dilution and unfair competition, Chooseco demands at least $25 million in damages or Netflix’s profits, whichever is greater. The plaintiff also seeks injunctive relief.

Throughout the years, Chooseco has actively policed the use of its mark. About a decade ago, the publisher sued DaimlerChrysler for using the “Choose your Adventure” slogan in a campaign for Jeeps. That case was later settled.


Mentioned it in the episode is one thing, the other not so much as Netlix was trying to develop that kind of content for some time, ergo Minecraft and other children oriented titles. Think there is one with Shrek’s cat?


There were a whole host of choose your own adventure type book series though, and the “official” choose your own adventure ones were nowhere near the top of the pile.

(The Fighting Fantasy and Grailquest series were my two favourite ones as a kid)


I owned some of a series that featured Indiana Jones even, fifteen books at least.


Yeah, there were loads of them.

I remember enjoying this:

And when I had a recent sort-through of my old book boxes I dug a lot of these ones out and passed them on to my kids.

There are more recent ones too - we have a bunch of Moshi Monsters ones knocking around somewhere.

Hopefully the makers of Choose Your Own Adventure won’t try to sue me for talking about them.


I got given this over Christmas - it’s a great way of using comics to tell a choose your own adventure story (with lines and tabs rather than “go to page…”)


Is it that it’s not about the concept but about the specific phrase “Choose your own adventure?”


I imagine Netflix have been careful exactly where and how they have used that phrase. I don’t remember it on any official marketing for the episode, even if it’s come up as a point of reference in interviews and articles.


The publishers may be hoping for a settlement, but their case against the Jeep adverts was a lot clearer.

Netflix have the lawyers to fight this all the way.