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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


I’m doing a “make the most Black Mirror cliche choices” run and already hit two dead ends.
I think I’m winning.


Alright, finally finished…
I don’t know how much of what I’ve felt about this episode was intentional context, or me just projecting a narrative onto the framework. If it’s the former - then this is one of the best episodes of the show. If it’s the latter…then it’s still generally intriguing.

Let me know what you think:

So, by doing the standard Black Mirror cliche run I never got an ending, only options to redo other choices. Don’t know if that’s the same all around but that’s how it was done for me. So I always opted for it and then went the opposite route. This led me to, finally, a real ending - where Stefan completes the game successfully, noting that he kept on stripping options from the game until he got it into a perfect format. So - was that what happened to me/the viewer? Was it playing us until we got to that 5/5 - as in, he kept baiting us into “redo’s” until he got to his perfect ending? Colin’s alive, he takes his meds, gets away with murder. I mean, that’s really clever if so.

I dunno, might be thinking too much into it, but man I am glad that it’s not another AI plot.


I didn’t follow exactly the same path in mine he did not get away with the murder and the game got a great review but was pulped due to the scandal (hints of the ET Atari game being buried there) but yes I think the piece was very ‘meta’. That section of stripping out the complexity commented on the pretence of offering choice to end up at the conclusion the writer wanted anyway. No doubt about the computer game references either, not just the Jeff Minter cameo but also that the company went into liquidation in one because it over-reached, exactly what happened to Imagine, the publisher of the mega game Bandersnatch that never happened, then my final ending had the game followed up with a new name later, just as Parker posted with Brataccas


Ah, by get away I mean not caught immediately as in the other ending

Question for everyone though about one of the endings.

Does Pearl destroying her computer do anything different than just fritzing out the screen? I chose Throw Tea for that one because I wanted the episode to end on a funny beat, but would like to know otherwise.


I don’t know, I chose the same option as you. I really do fancy fiddling around with the other choices later but it is quite time consuming.


It really is.
It took me well over an hour to get through it.
Wish there was an option to skip cutscenes after you’ve put in a choice. It would tighten that up considerably.
Anyway, glad I made a Route of my run as I was playing. Spoilering it but here’s what I call the “Standard Plot” run in case anyone wants to try it out at some point.


I watched on my PC as it has a big 28" screen (not that big nowadays but bigger than any other interactive option I had like a tablet). On that it had a 10 second jump ahead icon.

I’m actually intrigued just for the little bits. For example I chose Sugar Puffs for the breakfast at the start and when Colin gave his video he taped off the TV it opened with a Sugar Puffs ad, I wonder if there’s a Frosties one if you selected that, I assume so.


Yeah, there’s a 10 second jump ahead icon but not for the actual choice countdown, is what I meant.
Wish we could skip the timer.

And yeah I think there might have actually been haha


Includes a playable version of Nosedive for your ZX Spectrum Emulator…



See, and now imagine you had to watch/play that Netflix episode for a thousand subjective years! Tell me that wouldn’t make you crazy!


I’ve had the training. I’m all good.

I’m impressed by Bandersnatch’s technical accomplishment, less so with the story.


What was your view on the WH Smith re-creation?


Technically impeccable though I don’t really relate

(We didn’t have WH Smith’s when I was a kid)


Ah yes fair enough, I didn’t think about their reach up to the highlands, it was more John Menzies in Scotland?

To me that was the venue for buying lots of those 7" singles, early comics, computer games, and yes…Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. (I’m sure it was for Brooker too).

On the story I kind of agree. This is a nice gimmick and must take incredible amounts of work but like the CYOA books there’s a lot of an element of frustration built in when you take the wrong paths, which are rather random. I loved the start but found I was getting a little weary as it went on.

It would be interesting to see if they ever put out Brooker’s preferred narrative, I mean we kind of get it anyway but to see how it works as an hour long film.


They have now updated the flowchart and it seems pretty complete.


And another one with lots of details

4,202 votes and 699 comments so far on Reddit


On my Sky box, clicking the 10 second jump button repeatedly allows you to jump forward 10, 20, 30, etc seconds up until just before the next choice.


So I just went through this and it’s enjoyable enough. It feels like the long coming pay off for Brooker taking Black Mirror to Netflix was using their nigh-on unlimited budget to recreate an 80s WH Smith and the bedroom Spectrum programming scene of his youth. Which is fair enough.

I think the “true” ending is the one where he goes and dies with his mother on the train as the one with Pearl doing a remake is just a continuation of the loop. I chose destroy the PC and it just throws you back to choose a different option.. That ending also plays audio on a tape that presumably could be recorded onto a tape and played on a Spectrum.

Did anyone use PAX on the safe? I only got back there once and it offered TOY so went with that (after PAC originally).

Oh and clearly the best ending is the Netflix one where you fight Alice Lowe.


Yeah, it just leads to the demon showing up and killing you, and waking up at the Who’s There? bit.


I’ve just spent quite a long time going through Bandersnatch and ultimately found it all quite disappointing. Not sure whether that’s because of the choices I made or some flaws in the execution, or maybe a combination of the two.

Despite it starting interestingly enough the whole thing went off the rails about halfway through for me. Although I diligently went back and explored every alternate pathway I was offered after various endings, I only got weird and incoherent final scenes that pretty much broke the story entirely and often made no sense. I never chose to quit to the credits but I didn’t ever see any of the ‘good’ endings described above - at some point I got to an ending that just didn’t give me any further option to go back, and jumped me straight to the credits.

Technically it’s pretty impressive, but as a story it didn’t work and as an interactive experience it was pretty lacking too. I feel like I just wasted an hour and a half if I’m honest.

If anything, I think it proved that books were actually the perfect format for Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories - flicking back and forth between different pages is still a lot easier and more intuitive than doing it through Netflix, and you can make sure you get to see everything the story has to offer!