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Black Mirror - Now on Netflix (maybe mild spoilers)


I hear you, but it was just SO cheesy to me, I dunno. On the one hand, I think the story would have worked fine without any kind of ‘big twist’ at the end. On the other hand, the big twist allowed for a beautiful, ambiguous end-beginning that was the perfect cap to the ep.

I wonder if there would have been some other way to facilitate that scene without that precise reveal/mechanism.
I just felt that the main love story was strong, a true and beautiful representation of what it feels like to be dating, a Lobster grounded even more in The Now, and the end was inelegant to the point of sticking out, required a little bit of inelegance in which she says “doesn’t it feel like we’ve been doing this…” etc that kind of came out of nowhere to facilitate what was really a cheesy end, done inartfully.

But this is all very petty and ‘what ify’ and the like, I thought it was excellent, the San Jupinero of the season (just in terms of feel, I haven’t watched the rest) and everyone deserves a pat on the back for it.


Definitely agree, Paul. Really nicely done, technically. But I guess that’s not what I come to Black Mirror for. Really my own thing, though.


As a writer, trying to pitch stuff, would also just like to say a hearty “F U” to Black Mirror for stealing all of my ideas, in perpetuity, before I have them.

(this is something we all talk about, bit of a common complaint).

Let’s pray that it doesn’t spawn any more incisive anthologies. One good idea at a time, please!


Yeah, that I can’t defend. It felt like there might have been build up to it but it really does come out of nowhere. I felt like it was this episode’s version of the “afterlife speech” bit of San Junipero, which also stuck out like a sore thumb in my view in that one’s ending. But that one was more of a character gap while this one is structural. Flawed diamonds, as you say.

But yeah, should have been more tactful foreshadowing but them in the black void with all of their other counterparts as the music swells dramatically actually got me all tensed up. Like something horrible was about to happen so the pull back that happens immediately afterward was improved tenfold for me haha.


The Good

USS Callister: A fun premise, with with some nice dark touches.
Hang the DJ: Really enjoyed the ending to this one. The two leads had great chemistry that really sold the story.
Arkangel: Not the most flashy with its execution. But I liked the main idea. And starting and ending with the mother looking for her daughter, was a nice touch.

The Meh.

Black Museum: Enjoyable, and I liked the nods to previous episodes. But it did feel like they had a bunch of average stories that didn’t warrant a whole episode, so they just shoved them altogether.

Crocodile: I just didn’t particularly care about this one. Had a promising start, but didn’t lead to much. And the hamster bit just felt a bit silly.

The Who Gives A Shit.

Metalhead: The little robot dog looked cool. But I though this was a total waste of time.



Just posted this on the general tv thread :slight_smile:

One thing to add, the spanish description of the episode basically confirms it is the CYOA episode.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. En 1984, un chico sueña con diseñar un videojuego a partir de una novela fantástica. El autor del libro no tuvo un final feliz. Él tiene que elegir su propia aventura

“In 1984 a kid dreams of designing a videogame based on a fantastic novel. The author of the book didn’t have a happy ending. He must choose his own adventure”


I remembered the Bandersnatch name from a game in the distant past and called this up:

Perhaps the most (in)famous of all the Spectrum unreleased games.
Probably the best article on the story behind the game can be found in issue 12 of Crash in The Biggest Commercial Break of Them All (available on the on-line version), which tells the story about the television program which charted Imagine’s downfall.
Briefly, Imagine were one of the most publicity-hungry companies of their day. From early 1984 they began publicising their so-called Megagames, Bandersnatch for the Spectrum and Psyclapse for the Commodore 64, and a number of different adverts appeared during the year for the games in the computer press.
Imagine had said that they had reached the limit of the capabilities of the Spectrum and planned to release the game with a hardware add-on which would increase the Spectrum’s memory. Various reports suggested that the game would costs anywhere between £20 to £40.
The game though was never finished and Imagine collapsed during about the Autumn of 1984.

Of all people Charlie Brooker is going to know that story and it looks like he revived the lost mega game for this episode.


It eventually got made and released with a different name.

My brother had years of gaming magazines and coding books I used to read and re-read them til I was about ten. Like you it’s mostly very distant memories but I feel like I watched that doc on BBC but probably just read about it…


Wow, so I just read through that and the reception part reads like Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s pretty crazy to think that there’s almost identical problems with massive ground-breaking RPG games 30 years apart. I’m not sure it stands to sense that the control systems are the hardest part of the development but certainly seems that it’s an element that falls to the wayside when developing something epic.


I’m a couple of years younger than Brooker but I do remember those advance ads and the hype for Bandersnatch and Psyclapse. My faulty memory had me thinking it was one game but in fact the former was for the Spectrum and the latter intended for the Commodore 64.


FYI, the episode is being sorted separate to the rest of the series, so if you want it in your list, here’s the link:


I’ve started watching, gone with ‘Sugar Puffs’ to start so you may want to differ. :smile:


This is fun.


I’ve gone a little emotional just because they’ve perfectly recreated a branch of WH Smith from 1984.


I am going to be rewatching and mapping all this all weekend…


I took a lot of dead ends to what I think was the intended best ending but I need to check a couple of major paths to see how differently it goes or loops you back to the same conclusions.

Also loved seeing in the credits that the writer of Bandersnatch the book was played by Jeff Minter, one of the original lone star games creators of the 80s. I met him once at a computer show in Earl’s Court and he was a really nice bloke.


I got to the ending I guess, but keep going back, sometimes going to an scene again changes the options available:


I went back to give a sign scene. First time I chose the branch symbol, and got to the ending. Then I go back and choose PACS… I fail a challenge there, got another dead end, went back and… now PACS is not there and I am trying to explain to Stephan WHAT NETFLIX IS!!

This branch is bananas.


Spoiler responses to Eduardo:

I went through a lot of ‘rewinds’. First when I said yes to working in the office the game got a terrible review on the TV show. When I chose PACS instead of the branch and that didn’t go well, also choosing to bury the dad rather than chop him up. I’m assuming I got to the correct ending eventually because credits appeared and it was the most satisfying one (Colin’s daughter remaking the game in the present day).


I went through a lot of rewinds, from what I recall:

  • Chose the Door Key book ,opened the safe with PACS, discover conspiracy, killed dad.
  • Chose family pic , somehow I time travel, opened the safe with TOY code, got a new ending when I died because I was given the choice of getting in the train with Mom (this one locked me out of the game, have to start over).
  • Haven’t tested PAX in the safe.
  • I made Collin jump, curious about jumping myself.
  • The fake choice of taking or not taking LSD (Colin tricks you)
  • Tne Netflix path, got two endings, one where I demolished the fourth wall, the other where I fight Psych Woman an Dad in an action scene.
  • Got the five stars endings after choping dad.
  • Got another ending early on because I took my meds (2/5 stars I think)